3 Feel Good Movies To Watch During The Pandemic

“All the World’s a stage and all the men and women merely players”, a very famous Shakespearean quote, from his play As You Like It. This statement holds so much power that we don’t even realize it sometimes. We try to find ‘us’ in the story that we know deep down isn’t even true. Yet, we allow ourselves to live the illusion for those 3 hours. We search for the solutions of our own problems in a hypothetical twist. Those three hours can uplift as well as ruin our mood.

A good movie can make us feel the emotions that we never knew we were even capable of. It can give us hope, purpose, dreams and so much more.

In these tough times of COVID-19 pandemic, when we have got so much time on our hands, a movie is the perfect way to distract oneself from all the stress that we all are facing every minute of every day.

How to choose a movie that does justice to your time?

Choosing the right movie is very important and can prove to be a very tiring task.

Basically, there are three types of movies:

  • The Mirrors:

These are the ones that present the utter truth of our lives, our minds, our relationships, and most importantly our society. We come across the problems that we were always in denial about. They are critically appreciated world-wide, but can very well put burdens on our minds and hearts. They can be an introduction to sleepless nights.

  • The Finger-Crossings:

Such films also present the hardships and problems as real as they can get to our lives, but with a glimpse of hope that whatever happens we can always have our own little ‘happy endings’. Things might not always seem to be going our way, they might not always be the ones for throwbacks, still they make our lives worthwhile. As said by Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan in his famous reincarnation movie Om Shanti Om,

If it’s not happy, it’s not the end, my friends,
The Film isn’t over yet.
  • The “Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment”:

Then come the movies you don’t need to scratch your heads for. You can relax on your couches, enjoy the caramel popcorn and scream from the depth of your throat the famous dialogues that everyone knows and loves. These are the ones that make you laugh like no one ever has. They make you dream for your perfect ones and inspire to write songs that might come in handy in the future.

Now arises the question, which one to choose when you are stuck in your house at the time the world is going through a pandemic that no one predicted.

Which one to choose when you are losing every last ounce of hope? Which one to choose when you are not even sure if you will have enough money to buy tomorrow’s bread? A movie can’t solve anything, right? It can’t give you the money or happiness. What can it do then? 

It can give you hope and the will power to fight and survive, only if you make the choice wisely.

A Short list of films for you to watch

It can be safely assumed that by now we know what category of movies to select for ourselves. Such three movies that can prove to bring a change are

The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)
• The Intern (2015)
• Wake up Sid (2009)

The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

A beautiful movie about a father-son relationship. It takes you through the extreme struggles that a common man faces in order to give his son a life he couldn’t have and to achieve a dream he wanted to live. It is a story about hope, passion and most importantly, the fighting spirit that makes all the difference in the world. It is a movie that is worth being watched by all of us. Will Smith as Chris Gardener, has done pure justice to the role.

Watch trailer here.

The Intern (2015)

This is an inspiring story about a retired widower who still wants to work. So he gets himself an internship at a company that deals with online products. His experience proves to be of extreme value for the company and life of other people around him. It is the story of a true gentleman and the way he views life. It shows us why having elders around us is important, why spending time with them and talking to them is important; a movie we should all learn from.

Watch trailer here.

Wake up Sid (2009)

How many of us actually have an idea about what exactly to do with our lives? Most of us are still stuck in the middle of our own labyrinths and trying to find our way out. This is a story about a boy who doesn’t consider life a serious matter; for whom life is all about friends, parties and spending his dad’s money. But all this changes when he befriends a girl who has come to Mumbai to live independently, work hard and make something of herself. It’s about him finding his own self, finding his choice of career and valuing his family more than ever. It shows how much our friends affect our lives. It’s about a boy on his journey to become a gentleman.

Watch trailer here.

Movies are a different world which is not created by us, but is created for us, where we can be anything or anyone we want. We can give our stories the twist of our choice. Isn’t that what we all want with our lives? It only takes the magic of our own hard work and spirit. 

So go ahead and heat up your snacks. You have a movie to watch. 

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2 thoughts on “3 Feel Good Movies To Watch During The Pandemic

  1. Really nice movies to watch. These are some of the best movies which one should definitely watch. Instead of wasting our time on movies which make no sense, one should definitely watch these which would be helpful in life! 💯

  2. Nice recommendations. I’ve watched The Pursuit of Happyness and Wake Up Sid and will take up the suggestion and watch The Intern too. These really are some Feel Good movies!

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