5 Ways To Keep Your Toddler Busy While You Work

Being a parent is a blessing. The love you feel when you look at your innocent baby’s face, playing with that cute little toddler and taking care of them is surely a loveable task. At times, you have to set some time apart for other things whilst keeping your toddler busy. It is a challenging task to think about how to keep them busy as toddlers keep you on your toes 24/7. For mothers, it is a full-on workout to watch their kid and also do chores side by side. When you think about how to leave your baby alone and busy so that they may not throw a tantrum, you may run out of ideas and feel clueless. In this article, we will talk about some ways to keep your toddler busy and safe while you do other work.

  • Give them something to munch on:

Toddlers usually love to chew on things because of their inborn reflexes. At that age, they are new to every taste and flavor. We all are born with two major cravings – sweet and salty. Toddlers are more likely to spend their time eating. So it is a good option to give them a healthy snack or something to eat while you do other work. This will also maintain their diet and will provide you some time for other tasks. Make sure you place them in a safe and clean area as kids can be messy. Most of the time, you would like them to sit on the floor with a food mat so that they can mess around, eat, and be safe. 

  • Give them teethers:

You can also provide your child with a teether. Teether is a device that is used to soothe a baby’s gums. During that age, their teeth tend to come out which itches their gums. A teether helps in soothing the gums as the baby chews on it. This is time-consuming for a child and also beneficial for the growth of their teeth. Make sure to sanitize the teether before giving it to your child.

  • Prepare a sensory box:

Toddlers tend to learn through senses a lot. The concept of sensory box is to provide your child with a box full of different objects which are safe to play with. For example, toys, fruits, vegetables, utensils like a bowl, balls, etc. This will be like a fun activity for the child. It will also help them to learn and differentiate between objects and  learn about new textures and shapes too. Make sure not to add something sharp or unsafe and it is best to leave your kid on the floor. Meanwhile, you can attend other work as this activity will provide the child with numerous options to explore and not get bored.

  • Put them to sleep:

While it is time-consuming to make your child nap, it is the most effective way to take out time for yourself. Warm cuddles and a cozy environment can make your child fall asleep easily. Scientifically, it’s beneficial for a toddler to sleep 10-14 hours a day and toddlers wake up at the slightest and tiniest of disturbance. Still, they can nap for 1-2 hours which is a good time to complete other work.

  • Painting or scribbling:

Painting and scribbling can be fun for toddlers as they like to be as messy as they can be. This can help them to develop their interest in art and recognize colors. Make sure to keep an eye on them during this activity as toddlers tend to chew on everything they find. Also, make sure that you provide non-toxic colors and a safe area so that they don’t mess up the whole house. This can be hectic for you once your child is done playing as you will have to clean up the mess but it will still provide you some time to do other work beforehand.

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