To understand the complexities of being human: Things which remain unexplored and unidentified

The complexities of human beings or human nature are extremely extensive and comprehensive – it’s confusing, it’s overwhelming, it’s painful yet enriching, it has parts of ourselves which are concluded in the form of a story, and yet we fail to deeply explore the complexities within each one of us, we fail to deeply explore our stories, leading us to stay stuck rather than get unstuck. We believe complexity is what makes life so difficult, giving less importance to the idea of how maybe we’re misinterpreting our stories and ourselves in ways which make it impossible for us to grow from the complexities we hold onto deep within us.

Each of us has feelings and reactions which we’ve denied in ourselves, we all have experienced pain multiple times in possibly different contexts, we’ve all experienced feelings of insecurity, failure, hatred, love, sadness, grief etc. yet we’ve never experienced the moments on how it feels to genuinely deal and stay close to these feelings, why? Because we’ve been conditioned to deny it, we’ve been conditioned to reject a very important part of ourselves which discourages us to be our true selves, we never gave ourselves the choice to live life being who we truly are in the purest form and this includes the parts which we’ve denied in ourselves too, living in constant fear. 

What blocks us from consciously moving forward? What disrupts our growth? 

Many of us question this often but don’t acknowledge the real meaning behind the answer to the question or even the question itself. There are parts of ourselves which remain deeply unexplored, there are parts from our past experiences which remain deeply unexplored and there are the parts of ourselves buried in the area of all the feelings and things we’ve denied in ourselves that remain deeply unexplored as well, and this is purely the answer to the question. How can one move forward when there are emotions and experiences which haven’t been consciously acknowledged yet, which haven’t been allowed to be fully explored yet, which haven’t been given the opportunity to be understood yet? How can we move forward when we are so fearful of understanding what is going on within us, to understand the combination of experiences and emotions stuck deep within us HOPING to be healed, but stuck because of the fear/unacceptance/insecurity that comes with it? 

To truly embrace the complexities which exist, to truly see them for what they are can make a world of a difference in how we see ourselves and how we see our discomfort, regardless of the severity of it. It all begins by acceptingly listening to oneself and what is going on within the parts of oneself – acceptance of our feelings and experiences, no matter how painful they are creates a space for them to be held with warmth and kindness, it creates a space for us to grow and change in those parts which we now allow being acknowledged, purely by accepting them for what they are, and how they make us feel.

When we move towards the unknown or denied aspects of ourselves, is when we learn to accept those aspects for what they are, it’s when we step into the unknown parts of ourselves making them known – we can finally feel pain without letting it completely consume or dissolve us, we can feel fearful without letting ourselves fall into an act of self-destruction. 

The more we can allow the feelings to flow and to just be in us, the more space they make for us to feel free from the emotional burden we experienced and put ourselves through previously. 

More than the relationship it rebuilds with ourselves, it gives us the choice to rebuild the same relationships we have with others. As we go onto accept and identify with the realities within ourselves, we’re able to accept those same realities/feelings/reactions in others as well, with sensitivity and understanding – and this forms the core of human nature as it should be. We don’t give ourselves enough freedom, we don’t acknowledge the power in being a separate person, but to make space for freedom within us is what will continue to empower us in a direction which is for us, which is us, in the purest form. 

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