“What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality”-Plutarch

The hassles of the growing globalizing world are led by the very tenants of this world- humans, who live a life of struggle and compromise in some type of the way.Every man has certain fears and insecurities which he fights with, in his mind or emotional space and certainly there are extreme possibilities that fighting alone inwardly takes a toll on a person’s mental wellbeing.

Mental Health comprises of a person’s entire well-being whether its social, physical ,psychological or emotional. It is and should be our top most priority because how we feel, act, respond, think, evaluate or make judgments and preferences, it solely depends on our mental health. Also, there are many people who are grappling with mental health issues, even though many of them are not even ready to accept it and seek a plausible recovery for the same. These issues can be anything- anxiety, lifestyle problems, phobias, depression and some which are quite severe, but nothing that cannot be diagnosed and recovered from.

A person’s lifestyle,childhood and social environment plays a potential role in shaping a person’s mental well-being. Traumas of the childhood, social dynamics like discrimination or isolation, financial hazards like unemployment, debts, infliction of violence or abuse, personal losses of loved ones or failed marriages or just a mere break up, it can all bring down a person’s mental health.

But the question is what does the person or his family do to help that person see the brighter side of life again? In terms of this whole wide world there are very few families or individuals who address such issues. It is a global concern and even our India is in a race to provide incentives and initiatives for the betterment of the mental health of the society.

What do we lack?

Awareness – This is exactly and all that we as a society lack. It is necessary for us to understand that whenever we talk about mental health problems, be it depression or any other disorder, we attach it to shame and stigma .It is our basic mindset that the society tends to prioritize health problems and completely neglect even the existence of anything related to mental illness. The whole interplay between mental health and other health problems that works within the society is the major cause to why mental health is not appreciated and held equivalent to other illnesses. The unsolicited shame that comes with mental illness discourages individuals to address the disorder and seek a possible help.

Even today it is significantly difficult to postulate as to why people think of mental health disorders as an insult or shame. Why can’t it be treated as a normal health issue or why issues like depression or anxiety fall prey to mocks and jokes? In fact the whole concept of therapist and psychiatrist is yet not so well accepted, because the issue itself is isolated.

Poor mental health brings with it a lot of other tensions and turbulence. It is a journey fraught with dismay and deprived of self-care. Self-Care and Self-Love works together with self-esteem. Thus, it is essential for the person to boost one’s morale and not feel ashamed or low, because of a person’s mental illness.

Practicing self-care is a way to reaffirm self-worth. It is common for people with poor mental health to feel guilty because their problems take a control over them. For instance a person with anxiety issues may think of himself as unworthy to certain kind of opportunity or affection, because any circumstance in his life gives rise to his fears, anxiety and insecurities.

Self-love gives way to self importance which makes the acceptance of reality much easier. It is absolutely no rocket science, all one needs to do is to affirm with the thought that mental illness is no one’s fault and proper therapy can do wonders.

All of this is much easier said than done. Failure is bound to happen even in this path of recovery but as it is rightly quoted, “Failure is an event, not a person”. We lose our inner strength to rejuvenate ourselves , external negativity seizes us, ill –advised shame and stigma of mental illness makes it a nightmare for people to address their own mental health issues and fight against it.

Despite of all these jarring realities, it is certain to keep ourselves patient and motivated. Surround yourself with people who are caring and embrace positivity, set yourself free against the shame, indulge in positive self-talk and self-appreciation, rejuvenate your mind space , go for a therapy and proper treatment, let your insecurities and anxiety settle with meditation and yoga.

So, do every single thing that you can but do not give up on yourself nor let your poor mental health take you down. Never lead yourself to deprivation or sabotage your worthiness as nothing in this whole wide world can stop you from improving your mental well-being. It is your assertions, whether to live your life to the fullest or succumb to some mental illness which can be defeated with determination and compassion.

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