Faith and its Role in Mental Health

I heard a story of a successful entrepreneur once in a seminar who said that there was a day in his life when his parents and even the best of his friends had stopped supporting the biggest dream of his life and the subsequent plan. It was that day that he had decided to step back, and to pick up something else to make both ends meet. A few hours later, on the same day, as he was going through his phone, he saw a recent picture of his school teacher and was suddenly reminded of his goodbye message on the last day of school.

He had said, “On any day in future if you feel that the whole world has stopped believing in you, and you feel like quitting, remember, I have and will always have faith in you. If not for anyone else, then at least for the sake of my faith, do try one more time.” “It was the turning point of my life. Had I stepped back that day then I’d not have been here today, inspiring you all to believe and give yourself that one chance, the golden chance which can perhaps change your life”, he said. Just as the above story describes, there’s beauty and power in faith


The word faith means ‘to have complete trust and confidence in something or someone.’ Faith is one of the most powerful abstract concepts in the world. With even the least of faith, one can accomplish the biggest of dreams. It acts as a driving force and motivates an individual to give his/her best to achieve the desired. Having faith in others can help in them several unknown ways; not only in others but the faith held in oneself is also equally important.


‘Faith is the highest virtue of all. It is said so because anyone who has had faith in things, themselves and even others, knows how powerful it is. It can push people to do the greatest of wonders that they hadn’t even imagined. 

Listed below are some well-known yet rarely acknowledged benefits of having faith:

  • HELPS IN ACHIEVING GOALS: We often see people around us who overcome extreme hardships only with the help of hope and faith. Some people spend their entire lives by believing that good days will come. Good days may or may not come, but faith makes the pain bearable. Even an iota of faith, in God or one’s self, pushes one to achieve desired goals despite all the odds; such is the power of faith.
  • IT IS GOOD FOR MENTAL HEALTH: It is needless to mention the importance of faith and hope for good mental health. A person who is hopeful is automatically positive in his/her approach, resulting in mental well-being. However, a person who has a negative approach is likely to live a mentally unfit life.
  • LESS LIKELY TO BE INFLUENCED BY OTHERS: An individual who has faith in his/her capabilities is not easily influenced by others. Such an individual is smart and doesn’t depend upon others for validation on any of his/ her decisions.
  • HELPS IN DEVELOPING AN OPTIMISTIC APPROACH: Having faith automatically makes an individual more optimistic and such an approach is the foremost step towards a better and mentally fit life.
  • MOTIVATES OTHERS: We all know one friend who is full of faith and is always there for others. Such people inspire others and motivate them to have faith in themselves and others around them.
  • INCREASES SUCCESS RATE: We all know the benefits of having an optimistic approach; we understand and have experienced that whenever we believe in the success of something rather than its failure, the chances of it being successful increases.


No matter how much we read, understand, and preach about the benefits of having faith, we all know people in our surroundings who aren’t easily convinced by any of these and are leading a negative life. Such people’s mental health deteriorates day-by-day. For such people, it is important to understand, learn, and see what difference a mere abstract concept can make in one’s life. One can even do so by involving oneself in mindfulness activities such as meditation, in creative arts such as doodling, mandala art, reading inspirational books, etc.

Having faith in oneself is a part of self-love and self-care, and the need for self-love in a world full of busy and self-involved people is unmatchable. Thus, faith is indeed a virtue for those who possess it and those who lack this attribute must try to adapt it and experience the pleasantness it brings in them and their surroundings.

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  1. Really informative article. Having faith and importantly trusting yourself is really important to get through tough times.

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