How To Achieve Inner Peace?

In the past few years, our lives have turned very stressful. Everyone is busy fighting their own personal battles. The pace of life is growing faster, and we are losing touch with our inner- selves. In such a scenario, one cannot be expected to function efficiently and perform to the best of their capabilities without having a sense of inner peace. 

The word peace has different meanings for different people. For some, it is an inner satisfaction while for others, it can be the positive outcomes of their actions.

Peace, simply put, is freedom from disturbance whereas, inner peace is defined as the state of mental and spiritual calmness despite the presence of stressors. Becoming peaceful means bringing the runway thoughts to a halt and experiencing deep inner stillness and calmness.


Inner peace and outer peace go hand-in-hand. Inner peace is the basis for satisfaction, contentment, and happiness. It should not be confused with passivity as it makes an individual more conscious, alive and happy. We need this state to give rest to our body parts, to think deeply about our actions and its effects and to give strength to the mind. Tranquility of mind ensures positive mental health and a healthy lifestyle.


Inner peace is not something to be found only in the Himalayas. Since it is an inner state, it can be achieved anywhere irrespective of the surroundings. However, the development of some life skills is required for attaining inner peace.

Some of such skills are:

  • Changing mental attitude: The way we perceive stimuli affects our inner state a lot. Perceiving things in a positive way helps in coping well with the situation.
  • Developing inner strength: We should prepare ourselves for the toughest. A mentally strong person can deal with stressful situations in a better way. Inner strength is the basic requirement for focusing attention on achieving peace. 
  • Focusing on self-satisfaction: We should learn to satisfy ourselves according to the situation. Finding the silver lining in everything and letting go of thoughts of discontentment helps in satisfying ourselves.
  • Being assertive: To be assertive means to be able to communicate confidently, express emotions and opinions without being self-conscious. Learning this skill helps in achieving a sense of identity.
  • Meditating: Meditating means to focus one’s mind in silence. It is a method of relaxation. Focusing attention early morning helps in reaching a different state of consciousness and calmness.
  • Overcoming unhelpful habits: Habits such as procrastination and perfectionism do little good and more often end up becoming a cause of unrest of mind. So to achieve peace one should avoid such habits.

However, this treasure of inner peace is not easy to attain. Many people know how to gain it while a few work towards it. This skill can be acquired but requires time and perseverance. With persistent efforts, one can achieve at least some degree of inner peace. Achievement of Inner Peace brings many positive changes in an individual.

Some positive changes  seen in people working towards achieving inner peace are:

  • Tolerance: People moving on this path learns the ability to bear the existence of opinions or behaviour that one dislikes or disagrees with. 
  • Patience: One also learns to accept delay, problems or suffering without becoming anxious or annoyed.
  • Self-improvement : After learning skills like patience, tolerance ,coping etc one gradually gets improved.
  • Self-growth: Growing is a life-long process, while moving on this way to achieve inner peace one grows in a healthy way . This growth is growth of mind .
  • Inner balance: Healthy mind bears a healthy body. When the mind is at peace , an individual’s body system also works properly .
  • Coping: It is defined as the situation-specific response to minimize stress or conflict. With the mind at peace and calmness one is able to cope well with one’s surroundings.

This deep well of inner peace is today’s requirement away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Achievement of inner peace is a slow and steady process after all true transformations take time.

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9 thoughts on “How To Achieve Inner Peace?

  1. I would like to say, this is written beautifully. It’s times like these a person feels unlinked with his own self, and inner peace becomes an essential skill. The ways you provided for achieving inner peace are efficient and worth giving a try. Personally, this post has helped me alot, and I thank you for it. I’m looking forward to practicing these skills on a more consistent basis to keep up with my own well being. I’d recommend any reader to go through this post and give it a try, cause why not.

  2. This article is written with so much grace. It can become as a helping hand for people who are suffering in this lockdown(mentally,emotionally). As mental peace is more importnat than physical strength.

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