How to avoid burnout these days?

Burnout is characterized by an extreme feeling of mental, emotional and physical exhaustion. The World Health Organization defines burnout as a stress syndrome. The definition given by the Organization states that burnout is a syndrome that is conceptualized in the form of chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed. We can notice several signs and symptoms of burnout. 

The three major symptoms of burnout include: 

  • Reduction in productivity : Burnouts can result in a decrease in the rate of productivity. People suffering from it may not be able to work properly resulting in decreased productivity and it may affect their overall progress as well.
  • Increase in mental distance from the things you like : When you are suffering from a burnout you may suffer from negative feelings and thoughts. One can feel increased distance from career or job and hobbies impacting the overall progress of an individual. 
  • Feeling of exhaustion : Burnout results in a feeling of exhaustion and physical fatigue. You may feel that energy has decreased in your body. If you are feeling that you are suffering from one or more of these symptoms you should contact a trained professional and should take appropriate measures to solve the problems related to it. 

According to various studies and surveys it has been found that burnouts are now increasing their impact on public mental health. Burnout, due to its rapidly increasing affects and cases, can be easily characterized as a public health endemic. We should pay attention towards the signs which we are facing daily but may ignore them. Problems such as stress and burnout can be managed effectively with proper help. People who are suffering from issues such as burnouts or stress should know that they are not alone, many of us are suffering from it. With a global pandemic the stress and anxiety levels are increasing drastically in several individuals. Due to this pandemic we are working or studying from home leading to overwork or exhaustion sometimes.

You can easily recover by following the below mentioned tips: 

  • You should never ignore the signs and symptoms. It can lead to feelings of exhaustion, energy depletion, lack of concentration, difficulty in maintaining relationships and irritability. 
  • Find the source due to which you are suffering from a burnout. The sources can be your work timings, daily scheduled, overworking or may be dealing with excessive stress. 
  • You should be able to identify the changes you make to recover. You can start by waking up early, following your hobby and meditation. All these little things can impact your daily routine. 
  • Talk to your loved ones. Having a conversation with people you trust and love makes you feel ‘loved’. You should always find adequate ways to build and strengthen the relationships with people you love. 
  • In case if you think that you are not able to cope with the signs and symptoms then you should contact a trained professional or should start by having conversations with your friends and family so that they can help you. 

Some of us find it difficult to talk to other people about our problems or the stuff from which we are suffering. You should know that you are not alone in suffering from this type of situation. Many of us find difficulties in discussing our problems. You should always talk to people you trust about your difficulties. It will surely help you. 

Ways to avoid burnout these days: 

You can follow the below mentioned tips to avoid the incidence of burnouts –

  • Prioritize your mental health and peace. You can start by saying ‘no’ to the activities that you are not ready to perform. It can be an extra assignment or that project your friend or colleague has asked you to do. 
  • Ask for help when you need it. You should know that you are capable of doing anything but pressuring yourself with overwork may lead to burnouts. 
  • You should avoid work when you are with friends or family. When you are at work you should concentrate on working but when you are relaxing or spending time with your loved ones you should avoid work and calls related to it. 
  • You should identify and set boundaries. Setting limits when you are suffering from excessive stress and burnouts may help you to recover quickly. 
  • Practice self compassion. Rewarding yourself with love and support can help you to feel calm. 
  • Taking a break when you need it. You should always take a break when you feel without having any guilt. 
  • Improve your sleep schedule. 
  • Include physical activities in your daily routine. 
  • Stay hydrated and involve proper nutrition in your daily routine. 
  • Follow mindfulness practices for proper relaxation. 

When you feel that you need ‘help’ or a friend who can listen to you, you can try talking with your loved ones or you may contact a professional therapist. 

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