How to help someone who is having suicidal thoughts?

Suicidal ideation, or suicidal thoughts, is the contemplation of ending one’s own life. Sometimes, the life problems seem so hard that it feels like there is no hope left and the only option is suicide or it feels like that the world would be a better place without you. But from the starting it is necessary to know that there is always hope.

When we are in a miserable situation it is difficult for us to see it and therefore even if there is one person who is able to support us at that time, we can overcome such feelings.

Why do people have suicidal thoughts?

Suicidal thoughts are generally associated with depression, stress, other mental disorders, life events, and family events, etc.

When we are in such problems for a longer duration, the stress and anxiety levels are very high, constantly we are depressed and such feelings affect our mind, body and emotions adversely. A negative environment is created in our mind that makes everything gloomy.

Even if a person seems normal on outside, you have no idea about what he or she is dealing with inside her mind. Be it a famous actor or writer, or a simple middle-class working person, anyone can go through this unfortunate phase.

How to support someone who is having suicidal thoughts?

1. Initiate the conversation: if you think that someone you know is having suicidal thoughts, then don’t be afraid to ask about it. This is just a myth that by talking first, you are the one who is suggesting the suicide. Rather if you talk about it, that person might feel you are understanding his/her situation.

2. If he or she is telling about her situation, listen carefully and do not judge: like I said, when for a long time someone is in a painful situation, even trivial matters seem to be very difficult. Hence, listen whatever he/she has to say without interrupting and when someone tells you that he is having suicidal thoughts, take him very seriously and never reply in an unfriendly manner or by being hostile.

Do not think that person is crazy, he or she is just way too depressed and sad. Therefore, that person needs our support and love more than anything else.

3. Monitor their activities if he or she is not willing to talk:
during such depressive period, a person’s trust also dwindles, he might think that no one understands him so he should not tell anyone how he feels. At such times, you can check their phones if they have anything related to suicide and depression such as quotes, poems, articles etc. You should also check their surroundings to make sure they don’t have any harmful thing that can be used for self-harm or suicide.

4. Get him/her medical help:
It has been said again and again that mental health problems are like any other health issues that require a proper treatment and neglecting them only worsens the condition. Therefore, approach medical professionals or NGOs to help that person. Almost every country has suicide prevention helpline that you can contact easily. Apart from that there are also many NGOs and self-help groups which can help a person.

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