Reel Vs Real Life Healing – How It Is Depicted In Both

The meaning of disturbances in life and their path for healing can differ from one person to another. Healing simply means overcoming the disturbances or obstacles of life in a way in which we become more aware of the self and are capable of handling or coping with the issues in our life. The process of healing is not as simple as it sounds. In the time of interconnectedness through social media our opinions, beliefs, information are shaped and influenced by it. The process of healing as depicted in movies, plays or certain websites or pages is not what it looks like in real life. The understanding of healing and its process is based on other factors also like economic, social, cultural, political, religious, beliefs and customs to which a person belongs. These factors can influence the shaping of the idea about the process of healing. Let’s look at what healing looks like in real and reel life to understand it better.

In reel life, healing is depicted as a process which can be easily attained in one go such as there are no relapses or going back to the place where you have started.

It shows that if a person takes steps towards healing then there is no going back and they will keep on taking a step further and further in that journey. They show that the process of healing will always lead to a satisfying or happy ending in life. The knowledge about self and working on the issue is not a difficult task, and everyone is able to do it with a few efforts. It sometimes displays the role of a counsellor or psychologist in a wrong way such as giving advice or solving the problem of the person or being unethical in some situations. It sometimes depicts healing as the sudden realization for the character and in a few days, the character is able to heal and succeed in all aspects of life. There are certain pages or websites which state happiness and positivity as the only ways to overcome disturbances in life. All these depictions are not true in real life. The process of healing is different than what is shown in reel life. There are few exceptions in terms of good movies, pages, blogs or websites which work towards spreading awareness about mental health and the process of the journey of healing. 

The process of healing in real life is different than depicted on many reel life platforms. In real life, healing looks like- 

  • It is not easy to take the step towards starting the process of healing even if you have recognized the disturbances and know what possible steps you can take to work towards it. Don’t pressurize yourself and take your time to start the journey of healing.
  • Healing is not a linear process; you can experience relapse, ups and downs, going back to where you started and other obstacles also. Be ready for the roller-coaster journey of healing, it is not going to be easy but it is worth trying.
  • It involves self-work, breakdowns, feeling stuck, and handling those parts of yourself which you never wanted to deal with. These are not easy and can’t be achieved in a few days or a month. The time of healing differs from person to person. Be patient with yourself and your journey. It will take time and effort. 
  • Appreciate the small steps towards your healing. Be kind, respectful and compassionate towards yourself. 
  • The support of your loved ones can be very helpful in the journey of your healing. 
  • It will not happen all of a sudden or like a miracle as shown in reel life. It will take a lot of effort from working on yourself and aspects of your life to show the courage of standing up and moving forward in the journey after relapse. 
  • Professional help is a great guidance in terms of working together towards understanding yourself and the journey towards the path of your healing. 
  • Everyone is different and unique and so is their journey of healing. Don’t compare your journey of healing to that of others. 

This is what healing looks like in real life. We need to be patient, give ourselves time, put in the effort, and be kind and compassionate towards ourselves. Be courageous to deal with the relapse and setbacks, and don’t compare your journey of healing to that of others. It is important to know the difference between reel and real-life depiction of healing so don’t be hard on yourself or hold misconceptions about the journey of healing. 

“The wound is the place where the light enters you.”

― Rumi

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