Should You Seek Therapy?

All through our lives we face various failures, rejections, complications and find life conveniently throwing more of these problems at us. We all have one or the other instinct working whether it is survival or pleasure. The problem arises when we do not get drawn up by such instinctual motivations anymore. When problems draw toward us we try to defend ourselves or some might want to evade, these differences in approaching a situation pave path for differences in results and motivation anchors in different people.

Whether you should seek therapy or not? This might not be the question ‘you’ are asking to get an answer but rather one which you are plotting in front of ’yourself’ so as to reflect on your mental and emotional state. 

Why is this question bothering you? The answer though simple is quite shadowed. Often, when we are surrounded with self-doubt and are in need of help and support from a person out of our known circle we become hesitant. The feeling of being unwelcomed sucks up inside your brain and it turns out to be even harder. 

In our lives we may be at the door of helplessness and no matter how supportive our loved ones are the stage might require a professional. During these situations often if not always people hesitate and find it to be disgracing to ask out for help because of the misconception that our emotional matters are subject to be our own problems and seeking out help is not conventional. 

There are certainly particular signs which suggest that you should seek therapy and they can be listed as-

  • Prolonged Sadness.
  • Not Feeling Like Yourself.
  • Having Problems With Self-Acceptance.
  • Going Through Traumatic Experience.
  • Feeling Demotivated.
  • Relationship Issues.

Seeking therapy does not require you to first qualify for it by passing a test or two. Its ‘your’ health and ‘your’ decision that matters. You can always go all out for an opinion from a professional if you feel like it. In any case it is always better to be preventive of issues.

The constant arguments that are set up in case someone goes for therapy is a perspective that is far from what we call healthy and it will take time for everyone to realize the importance. Though, letting yourself step back is never a necessity it’s a choice and I hope you make the right one.

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