There Is No Shame In Seeking Professional Help For Mental Health Problems

Life is tough for a person facing a mental health issue as he constantly grapples with confidence, courage and self-worth doubts but what adds to his problems is the outlook of the society. Of all the stigmatized conditions in the society, mental illness is at the top of the list. It stems out different but all kinds of prejudices and stereotypes, fears, shame and insult. At the first place, people with poor mental health fight an internalized stigma as they are themselves not able to muster enough courage to face their self- reality. The pain of mental illness is searing enough, but the shame and stigma impacts a person’s social and physical well-being. 

The social conditioning has a huge role to play in shaping a person’s mental health. So, when at times people experience triggering disturbances in their mental well-being, it is due to transient changes in one’s thinking, lifestyle and environment. It is quite astonishing to see as to how we as a society builds specific norms to what we consider as normal behavior and what is considered unhealthy. Even though it’s a universal fact that there is and can be no standard measure across cultures which defines what kind of behavior should be considered as a sign of normal mental health because what might be normal in one society may be a cause of concern for another.

Mental health stigma is one of the major obstacles on why people don’t seek professional help. The situation is such worse that even today, half of the population of people with mental health issues do not even confront themselves with their realities or muster courage to accept it and work towards it to create a healthy mind and a peaceful life. Basically, we have internalized so much shame and stigma regarding mental health in the minds of the people that they constantly have a fear of being judged or be called out as weak or sensitive, if they seek any kind of therapeutic help.

For people struggling to keep the devils in their mind in control, they obviously do not have ample time for the change in society’s mindset. So, what one needs to do it is to establish one single idea in their minds, that is, stigmatisation of mental health problems does come from others but it is on us as to how we deal with it. For a person with depression, it is necessary to understand that this is not some kind of personal battle which one should be ashamed to seek help for rather counseling and therapy, educating and gaining awareness about one’s mental health and interacting with others with same issues, all of this works as a solid confidence booster.

Some of the major help to cope with my any kind of mental health issues is to avail a therapy and a therapist with whom you can connect and the one that can figure out what your mind has been fiddling with and destructing your inner peace. Change of lifestyle, if it’s needed. Not indulging in any kind of self isolation or exclusion. One should keep interacting with friends and family so that they do not get any spare time to over think or assemble negative thoughts in the mind. Try to be as vocal and expressive about your struggles so that your own thoughts don’t get piled up to have any kind of jeopardizing effect on your health. And last but not the least is to exercise. Fitness rejuvenates one’s mind adding energy in one’s life and this is the reason as to why meditation, yoga or any form of exercise is considered supremely important.

There is something which is above all strategies and methods and that one thing only starts with oneself. Self- love and Self-care is something which is very vital in a person’s journey to recovery. Self-Awareness helps a person in identifying his trigger points and how he can cope with it if he wishes to. Whereas self-love is what keeps a person motivated to fight through all the stigmas and lead a beautiful, peaceful life. These two things are the only key to self confidence and self esteem in hard times. So, do not be ashamed of seeking help on your path of recovery as that will teach you who you are, your strengths, your value and the confidence that you have all the courage in the world to relieve yourself, once again.  

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One thought on “There Is No Shame In Seeking Professional Help For Mental Health Problems

  1. Well written. Mental health is as important as physical health needs to be talked about on a regular basis. 👏

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