How To Effectively Cope In The Covid Era?

The COVID-19 pandemic is a hard time for most of us. Every individual is dealing with their own issues and insecurities. In the beginning, it was very hard for everyone to cope with Covid and even harder to accept what all has been happening in the world and come to terms with the fear about the disease. However, what would happen eventually as we learn how to live with this virus is, it can be overpowering both mentally and emotionally and cause compelling feelings of fear and stress in grown-ups as well as youngsters. The social distancing norms set by the government could lead to a sense of isolation, especially to teenagers. The public health actions are making people feel more lonely which can lead to building up of stress and pressure amongst individuals. It might ruin your sleeping schedule, result in lack of concentration or even deteriorate your mental health.

It can lead to increase in consumption of intoxicating substances. It can also cause dread and stress about our own well-being, the mental and physical soundness of our friends and family, monetary circumstances, work or make you feel worried about the loss of support services that you usually depend on. It is normal to feel sad, stressed, confused, scared or angry during such a crisis. Coping with stress in a sound manner will make you, the individuals you care about, and your locale more grounded. Acceptance is the key to feeling stabilised in a rapidly changing world which is especially significant in the present moment.

In order to cope with this pandemic, one should try to discover new hobbies which will in-turn help in releasing stress. You can walk indoors and listen to music. You can even sing or solve a puzzle which will keep your mind away from the negative thoughts. You can read a good book or cook when you feel like it. One shall deal with oneself, eat healthy consistently, work out, take proper breaks, have enough rest and try to tackle the different sources of stress to the best extent possible. 

You should do things that give you back the control of your life. Devote time to exercises that improve your disposition. One shall be proactive that these dispositions will give them the force and control over unsure circumstances. Likewise, dealing with yourself and your emotions in a healthy manner will not only assist you in staying healthy but will also help in remaining calm and composed. If you must stay at home, maintain a healthy lifestyle which includes proper diet, sleep and exercise. Most of all, one should take care of themselves as well as their body. It can be easy to neglect your body and its needs when you’re stressed and isolated. Take deep breaths, stretch or try some yoga or meditation. It might help you to relax and focus on yourself. You can even try square breathing or five finger breathing or any other type of breathing exercise that works for you. Just remember to pause and take a moment out of your day to breathe and recenter. It is important to check up on your friends and family as well as they too are dealing with all such emotions and talking it out can help both the parties involved.

Try to maintain social contacts with loved ones at home, and those who live away from home can help by making a phone call. If you feel like you are not able to cope up with it and need support during these potentially rough times, then feel free to reach out to a friend for support as that’s the reason friends exist and one always feels lighter after sharing a good laugh with them. If you feel that you do not have a friend to talk to, you can contact a therapist who can help you deal with this emotional turmoil in a healthy manner. As you are not able to cope up in these times, similarly, others might also might not be able to cope up. Therefore, you should call someone whom you have not spoken to in a while and keep a check on them. Taking care of others can help you to cope with your own stress as well as long as it is done in a healthy way. It also makes your community stronger especially in these times when we’re more isolated than ever. 

Being on social media and the internet can bring up constant stress, inducing reminders of the virus. Hence, it’s important to disconnect and take a break from staying online and to unplug. Do what helps you feel safe. Different people have different things that make them feel safe. Even if these activities feel pointless, if you feel better afterwards then why not try them? At the end, try to re-frame the situation in your head: you’re not “stuck” and “isolated”; you are only taking a long break to slow down and focus on yourself. Take a deep breath as everything will be okay and you will make it through this. Everything will turn out fine even if it seems impossible at the moment. It is important to hold onto hope. Whatever you are going through will not stay but you will. 

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