Managing Stress Caused by COVID-19 Related News

On 31 December 2019 first clusters of COVID cases were reported in the world. When the cases started to spread from one country to another and started to infect millions of people worldwide, the World Health Organisation declared it as a pandemic. After declaring COVID 19 as a pandemic all the big organisations of the world such as WHO, UNICEF, etc. extended their help in saving the world.

We as citizens should follow all the safety protocols such as washing hands after every 2 hours, using alcohol based sanitizer, and maintaining social distancing. Despite all the safety drives and protocol designing, the virus is spreading rapidly and is creating havoc.

Additionally, people who are in their homes are also suffering from anxiety and stress due to the news and all the information provided by newspapers, media houses, social media platforms etc. The information spreading through news platforms and social media is somewhere required but in all this, some media houses are spreading fake news for their profits.

In order to manage stress and tension caused due to news related to the COVID 19 pandemic we should follow simple steps. The management of stress and tension is highly required as during the lockdown period a large jump in the number of people who are suffering from mental health problems is observed.

The effective management of news induced stress and tension is simple and a few tips to aid the same are given below:

  • Avoid unnecessary use of social media:

Use social media carefully. The information which is not necessary or is fake can be harmful for your mental health. Social media is the voice of thousands of people around the world who have no means to voice their opinions but sometimes people use social media as a tool to spread fake news in order to gain profits. So, limit its usage. It’ll also help reduce your screen time.

●      Avoid following media houses that spread fake news:

We should watch news and collect information about the world but sometimes, people spread the news which is fake or is not required for views and TRP. Hence, avoid favouring such kinds of practices by unfollowing such channels online.

●      Meditate:

Meditation in such times is really important. Meditation can clear your mind and body. It will create a ‘soul freshness’ feeling among the individual if performed with proper concentration. Daily 10-15 minutes of meditation is required for development of mind and body.

●      Prioritise healthy lifestyle choices:

Choosing healthy lifestyle options such as proper diet and exercise can help in the management of stress and tension. Daily exercise can increase the overall immunity of the individual.

Other social media platforms such as WhatsApp is a major means of communication through which sometimes fake news is spread and creates a lot of confusion among people.

Due to the spread of fake news and information, the real news which requires attention is not given importance at all. We need to follow authenticated resources through which proper and reliable information is given to all the people.

Another question which can help people who are suffering from COVID or are living in lockdown is ‘how can they deal with COVID?’.

●      People who are living with you or are around you should remain calm. Getting stressed can affect others’ mental health as well. Maintaining a calm environment can help you and your loved ones.

●      You should stick  to a healthy diet so that you have a strong immunity build up. Addition of fruits and vegetables in your diet can help you a lot.

●      In case you are suffering from COVID you should consume the medicines which are prescribed by your doctors and avoid the usage of self prescribed medicines.

●      Communication is really important for all of us right now. Maintaining a healthy environment through phone calls and video calls can help all of us to fight with stress. Watching your loved ones through video calls or talking to them via phone can really help in managing stress and tension.

●      Following hobbies such as cooking and gardening can create a healthy environment and can help you to forget all your tensions.

●      Choosing options which keep you busy such as work from home, internships can help you a lot.

The most common mental health disorders which are increasing due to COVID 19 pandemic are given below. According to research people have experienced job loss, loss of loved ones or are suffering from covid have higher chances of suffering from mental health disorders.

The most common MENTAL HEALTH AILMENTS due to COVID are:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Distress
  • Low self esteem
  • Stress

Research shows that proper care is required. Pregnant  mothers are not getting proper help during these tough times. Children and adolescents are highly suffering from mental health problems as their normal lifestyles are disrupted while the education system is unable to cope with the changes.

In these tough times it is our responsibility to help all our loved ones and other people around us. Help others by not sharing those messages containing sensitive information, provide and share reliable information and avoid the spreading of rumours. If you want to share the videos and messages containing sensitive information make sure that they have trigger warnings as well.

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