Online Graduation and Students’ Mental Health

The new normal way of functioning and shifting things on online mode or the virtual world has impacted the student’s life in terms of learning, interacting, exploring, experimenting and their well-being. The student is undergoing the same experience of losses, grief, and trauma in their family or around them and with that, they are working on their projects, assignments and giving exams. It has been difficult for students to manage multiple roles and responsibilities. The whole education system underwent the transition from offline to online modes.

The classes, submission, exams, and events everything shifted to the online mode. It is a new experience for teachers, students and administration. Let’s appreciate everyone who tried to transition from this phase and work towards giving their best, helping others who are unable to join, alternatives for your classmates for being included, and being understanding and considerate of the situation to bring some changes which are possible to ease the burden of the students and others during these difficult times. 

Online graduation is the only option that remains to pursue the degree. It is difficult to transit the system to online mode. Online graduation has both pros and cons.

The pros of online education are as follows- 

  • To continue the education during a pandemic.
  • To help them learn, interact and work towards their goals.
  • To enjoy the events in online mode.
  • To pursue the learning and experience in online mode.

The cons of online graduation as follows-

  • Missing out on exploring themselves and meeting new people offline.
  • The regular way of studying is more interactive and inclusive for everyone.
  • No role of internet connection which leads to missing out information.
  • Screen fatigue increases the number of screen time impacting their health.
  • Burnout and exhaustion 

Online graduation has its pros and cons, it changes the system of education during current times. The pandemic also takes a toll on the mental health of people who are studying, people who are teaching and people who are working in the education setup. Here, we will specifically talk about the impact of a pandemic on students’ mental health. The new way of learning, not meeting with friends, fewer chances to explore them and find what their interest area is, less chance of networking is and not physically being in the college not costing their academic but personal growth as well. It leads to isolation, fear, uncertainty, burden, low moods, trapped in one place, as well as dealing with the situation at home, losing people, not so positive environment, financial issues and so on.

The student’s mental health is not solely impacted by the change in academic and education way but how they are undergoing changes in different sectors of their life like family, finances friends, growth and how all these sectors combined with the facing of pandemic and managing the college work and giving exams leads to a lot of pressure, exhaustion, burnout, depression and anxiety among the students. It is important to incorporate the impact of the pandemic and other sectors while making a curriculum for the students. 

The article highlights the change in education and how online graduation has both pros and cons. The impact of the pandemic which influenced the different sectors of student’s life and well-being. Let’s applaud everyone for going through this transition in a short duration of time and with everything else going on around the world and in their life. Be more considerate and appreciative of student mental health in their work and evaluation. 

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