Positive things that happened in 2020

2020 has been a rollercoaster. It’s extremely hard to look at this year positively. But like any other rollercoaster, it has had its ups and downs. That said, It is important to process the downs to heal from them. Listing a few ups below which made it a little more bearable. 

  • Nature healed itself. Dolphins, Turtles and other species came out and finally claimed space for themselves because of quarantine keeping the humans away from the sea. Air quality became better at least in the starting of the lockdown. Many people did not celebrate Diwali because of coronavirus fear which led to lesser air and noise pollution for the dogs and other pets. 
  • People came together on social media platforms or even in person for the rights of other people. Be it ‘Dalit Lives Matters’ or the farmers’ movement! People showed support and created space for conversation. They tried to take charge of what is happening in their own country. Even in other kind ways, people donated their technological devices, economically supported the people who work for them and supported the local businesses.  A sense of community was seen despite the lockdown. 
  • Many people took their health seriously and stayed in. They worked on their immunity and they ate home food. They gave much-needed rest to their bodies despite the pressures of productivity. They realised their health is very important and cannot be taken lightly.
  • More people sought social support and therapy. Many new helplines have opened up and many people have used this time to sit with their triggers. Lockdown has been hard but it’s good to see people recognising that they need to work on themselves. Taking their mental health seriously and seeking help is a big step towards acceptance and recovery. 
  • Many people worked on their relationships, got into a new hobby, or even took the big step of opening new businesses! Some others experimented, read, danced or sang which they otherwise wouldn’t have much time to spend on. 

Lockdown has been tough but we humans have still managed to gain something out of it. This resilience is extraordinary and we should appreciate it. We should value it. It’ll help us deal with what’s in store for the post-covid world. 

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14 thoughts on “Positive things that happened in 2020

  1. It does show that how brutal and how unknowingly immature our race has neend its good to read such refreshingly views once in a while!!

  2. Lockdown was very helpful in getting mental peace .I focus on my health with family. The year 2020 plays very vital role in knowing the character of the person and teaches the importance of money. At last but not the least a learnt a lot of good things.

  3. 2020 was definately a tough period but everything has both negatives and positives and the positive thing that happened is that many people learned how to use technology, how to do the task smartly using technology and achieving there objectives efficiently.

  4. 1)It cleared shows no matter how rich or successful or busy you are …you with your loved ones can get through anything..FAMILY MATTERS A LOT❤️.
    2) Humanity is ABOVE all.
    3)One must learn all the household work irrespective of their gender.

  5. being optimistic and have positive outlook in life is one of the most important skill needed at present and one needs to find out positive in each things, remembering a old memory and experiencing those positive emotions is one of the positive thing that happened to me in lockdown

  6. 2020 is really a tough year for all of us.
    But as u know everything has two sides positive and negative.
    Positive things is that many people learned how to do work smartly using technology .
    Nature healed itself . Air quality became better at least in the starting of the lockdown.

  7. 2020 has taught us a lot.. Negative and positive of course.. I think the best positive thing that has happened with me is that i got an opportunity to work on myself and connected with my family on a whole new level..

  8. A lot happened in 2020.. I won’t say it was all about positive things but yess apart from all the tension and bad things a lot of positive things also happened.. Like i learned a lot of new skills in lockdown

  9. Mental health is really a great concern in this Covid 19 situation. People are so much lonely. This content is spreading so much awareness. Thanks a lot for such a relieving content.

  10. Lockdown is quite a good opportunity for self improvement, if we still find mistakes in it, we would miss all the fruitful moments.

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