Stress caused by lack of COVID-19 vaccines in India

The World Health Organisation declared Coronavirus a pandemic in 2020. The virus is spreading rapidly worldwide. Many steps are taken by the various organisations at the international and national level to limit the spread of the virus. After immense preparations and research by various scientists, various vaccines have been prepared for virus control. 

Vaccines such as Covaxin, AstraZeneca and Sputnik have been created by conducting extensive research. Despite the vaccine production at a large scale, people are getting deprived of the dose administration. The shortage of vaccine doses has created a lot of chaos and stress among all the age groups of the world. Developing and underdeveloped countries are struggling for the vaccine doses whereas many highly developed countries such as the United States and Britain have excess sources for vaccine production. 

Every citizen of India and the world deserves vaccination. The population blanket is very large due to which the common man is not getting the doses appropriately. The vaccines created are Covaxin, AstraZeneca and Sputnik.

  • Covaxin vaccine

This vaccine is created by Bharat biotech. It is made in collaboration with ICMR [Indian council of medical research] and NIV [national institute of virology]. For proper protection, every person required 2 doses of the vaccine. This vaccine is DCGI approved. The vaccination is an inactivated type virus  and requires intramuscular administration. 

  • Oxford, AstraZeneca vaccine

The University of Oxford developed the AstraZeneca vaccine. This type of vaccination is non replicating viral vector and is administered intramuscularly. Two doses are recommended for every individual who is using it. After the primary dose, an 8 to 12 weeks interval is required for administration of the second dose. 

  • Sputnik vaccine

The Sputnik vaccine is developed by the Gamaleya research institute. The vaccination type is non replacing viral vectors. The administration of the virus is through the intramuscular route. General side effects which can arise are fatigue, low-grade fever and body aches.

Although the organisations employed for the work for the vaccine production are working hard and are trying to provide adequate doses for the vaccine but the massive population is creating a lot of hurdles for scientists all over the world. Another area due to which people are stressed is the price of the vaccine doses. The prices of the doses vary according to the type of vaccine. The government  should decide a single price for the vaccination dose but proper steps are not taken due to which a lot of distress is among the common people.

To avoid stress due to the chaos created by the vaccination doses you can follow the steps given below:

  • Avoid the news platform which spreads hate and negativity: In order to gain TRP, many media platforms are spreading fake news due to which people are getting stressed.
  • Register yourself: You can get yourself registered at the Cowin or the Aarogya Setu app for the vaccination doses.
  • After registering yourself you can schedule your appointment using the cowin or the aarogya setu app.
  • Do not share any unwanted WhatsApp messages. 
  • If you want to share any sensitive news then make sure that it has a trigger warning.

You can easily register yourself for getting vaccinated. You have access to the Cowin app or the aarogya Setu app for getting registered. You can follow the below-mentioned steps for getting vaccinated:

Step 1: You have to visit the aarogya Setu or the Cowin app.

Step 2: For successful registration you need a verified photo ID.

Step 3: Then you will need a registered mobile number to initiate the registration process.

Step 4: You can register 4 people on a single mobile number.

Step 5: You have to register using your Aadhar number and OTP on the site.

Step 6: Select the vaccination slot of your choice.

Step 7: After the successful registration you can schedule the appointment for vaccination.

Step 8: On the day of the appointment carry the documents containing your appointment details.

After getting the first or the primary dose you need subsequent doses within 28 to 48 days. You can use any of the identification IDs such as Aadhar card, PAN Card, Voter ID, pension document, service identity card, passport, passbooks issued by your banks, driving license or healthcare card. 

Even if you are vaccinated you have to follow the safety protocols to prevent infections. Washing your hands after every 2 hours, wearing a mask and using an alcohol-based hand sanitiser is highly advised for individuals. People above the age of 60 years are at high risk and should be extra careful.

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