Anger — Control it before it controls you!

How often does it happen that we get angry and in the heat of the moment react in a way that we tend to regret later on? Do you let anger control your behaviour? How often do we say or do things that are extremely unpleasant only because we’re angry?

If I asked you to name a person who couldn’t control their anger at some point which resulted in some sort of un-repairable damage, physical, mental or emotional, how long would it take you to take your name before you’ve named everyone who’s hurt you because they were angry?

My point here is, anger is a natural response to something unpleasant or threatening or unfair. Different people have different triggers and hence, different responses and similarly, the intensity of the response also varies from person to person. Instead of straightly bashing people for getting angry, especially the ones who get angry easily, let’s first accept the fact that it’s a natural response like happiness, sorrow, delight, sadness, etc and we’ve all had phases were our anger was uncontrollable but this shouldn’t be used as a justification for having no control at all over your emotions and bursting out the very second you feel angry.

Anger is an awfully powerful emotion. Usually, the one who’s angry is actually the one who’s hurting on the inside and because he/she doesn’t know or can’t think of another outlet to properly express the emotional hurt, he/she tends to present it terms of anger. Most people don’t realize the extent of the anger and the damage caused by it and how it affects their daily lives and their relationships. The good thing is, it and the harm caused by is controllable if you work on it.

Here are a few tips anger management tips that’ll help you control it:
· Exercise:
We’re all quite familiar with the famous saying “a healthy mind resides in a healthy body” and every word of it is true. So, exercise! Physical activity is said to reduce stress which could be a reason for constant phases of anger. Go for a run or a jog or do yoga once in a day and you’ll feel the change.

· Deep Breathing:
The most common and the most effective way of instantly controlling anger is to take deep breaths. It’ll surely calm you down. Also, the more oxygen your brain receives, the better it starts functioning and you get a clearer picture of things.

· Repeat a calming word or phrase:
Repeating a calming phrase or word like “it’s allright”, “take it easy” or “relax” works wonders. Repeat it till you feel a little better and calmer.

· Pleasant Imagery :
Building a pleasant image in your head in the worst of situations will help you combat anger in the best way possible. Think of your favorite childhood memories or things that make you happy.

Getting angry isn’t a bad thing, it’s natural. The problem here is not about getting angry but about how you deal with it and what your reactions are as a result of it. Excessive anger not only hurts the ones around you but can also cause diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure, peptic ulcers and stroke. It’s best to work on it and control it before it starts controlling your life in all spheres, physical and emotional.


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