Can Emotional Health Improve Physical Health?

The famous French philosopher, Rene Descartes was of the view that both mind and body have equal status and influence over each other- an approach called ‘dualism’ while many others believed that either of them if superior- a view called ‘monism’ – no matter, what the case it is important to note the fact that our mind and body are in fact related and exhibit or inhibit the actions and equilibrium of the other. Even the yogic science our breathing patterns and the meditations that we perform are said to influence our minds. Today with this blog we shall take a look at how our emotional status affects or can improve our physical health. Physical Health Physical health refers to the condition our body is in. You could have a headache, stomach ache, viral, influenza etc or you could be absolutely normal. Physical health is what appears on the outside. Someone asking you would never know if you’re in a bad mood unless your physical self-signals it to them. Emotional Health Emotional health is very closely knit to our overall mental health. This small portion of the limbic system in our brain that controls emotions has a huge impact on both our body as well as the overall mental health. Emotional health refers to how well or unwell person feels- one could feel irritated or jolly, one could feel anxious or at ease. Emotional health has a direct influence on our physical aspects. Mental Health– Mental health is the aggregate of emotional, memorial, physical and all other types of health. We include physical because the brain is a part of our body. Physical and Mental Health- Now that its mentioned that physical health also contributes to mental health, let’s discuss this a little further, imagine you come home after a long day and are exhausted beyond your tolerable limits, at this stage you feel not just physically tired but also, emotionally drained and lack the basic memory retention and learning abilities. This means one cannot put efforts into carrying basic mental processes. Positive Mental Health Now think of a vice versa case, ever experienced an unwillingness to do a task such as attend class or clean your room because you ‘feel’ uneasy or upset. Positive mental health is the basic driving force that enables an individual to carry out tasks physically. For example- all of us at some point try to change our physical appearance while doing so we have a phase where we completely give up on the idea and this mental denial to carry on also stops us from performing a task physically. The best example of it you taking a gym membership in a sudden fit of positivity and then not going because there is no optimistic mental push to do so. Mental Health WellnessTo conclude, both physical health and emotional health are the children of mental wellbeing and just like any other parent, mental health too loves and is affected by the two equally. Particularly, when a person is ‘feeling’ fine, he also acts like it. It is in fact very difficult to separate the two and there is only a very fine line of demarcation between your emotional health and your physical response to it. Thus, in short, it is righteous in all aspects to remark that a good emotional health leads to an improved physical health. Find a BUDDY to share all your problems with (even anonymously, if you want) on the FeelJoy Mobile App available for all Android users.  DOWNLOAD THE FEELJOY APP HERE.
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