Does Crying It Out Help?

There have been moments in everyone’s lives which were highly stressful whether physically, emotionally or mentally. Oftentimes, during such moments, you have an urge to cry, to share, to lean upon someone’s shoulder and just get away from all the mess those situations are presenting you with.

Now, the question is, in such situations, how many times did you actually cry your heart out?

Optimistically, I leave this question for you to contemplate upon and I hope that by the end of this article, you would have found a bit of solace and motivation to work upon the insufficiency of this question’s answer.

On numerous occasions we are made aware of the importance of ‘tears’ through phrases, idioms or quotes. At the same time we are also told how crying is supposedly for the weak. Such a natural response of our body is sectioned under trivial norms and ends up getting tagged as a ‘weak’ ordeal of a persona. But if the tag is trivial enough, do we really need to bother ourselves with its existence? Trivial here does not refer to the idea’s reach but the essence and authenticity of such thought process; and I believe that moving further ignoring the things that are ‘ignorable’ should be fine.

People bottle up their emotions in fear of the society’s judgment.

We all indeed crave for approval yet bargaining your inner peace for such an approval or label of a ‘strong’ person is so NOT worth it. Especially the male populace of our society is highly ‘recommended’ and ‘taught’ to not shed tears as they are for the weak. I absolutely have no idea from where this misunderstanding came into existence but I am sure of one thing that if you cry and have enough courage to bear your emotions rather than denying their presence then you already are strong enough. 

During stressful situations a simple act of crying can help a person get rid of many toxic stress hormones.

These hormones are usually triggered because of stressors, when provided with an outlet i.e. crying these hormones get excreted out of your body hence providing you with a sensation of relief. Apart from its function as an excretion agent, crying also helps your body release endorphins, which are the natural pain killers or ‘feel good’ hormones of our system.  

If biological reasons are put aside we still find numerous benefits of crying. Letting go of massive emotions and stress stuffed inside this small head will take only a few droplets off your body and provide you with a sense of healing. ‘Healing’ in itself is a strong word and its presence in our life is indeed important. This helps people of different age groups to get away from that wicked little thing holding a mask wording ‘sadness’ i.e. ‘depression’. As depression is all about portraying that you are all fine when you are not while the actual fact suggests that not being fine is actually fine. 

Crying does help you and your emotional health in ways that are hard to fathom. It is an outlet which provides you with speech without words; you express without expressions and voice your thoughts without making any sound. Tears should be considered as a naturally explicit reminder to us humans that we are the strongest species on the earth because we do break yet still have the courage to move further ahead and in  between this process letting it all be totally fine.

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