How Can A Pet Help Someone Overcome Anxiety Or Depression?

Pets have always been studied regarding how they help humans overcome so many difficulties in life. How can a living being with no common means to communicate can make us feel so complete? That care we provide them with and the serene sensation of them cuddling us have always been of those heavenly feelings. Anxiety and depression are two of the mental health issues which at the end of the day can only be dealt with self-belief. Pets just help us achieve that ‘self’ back. Following are certain ways in which pets help overcome mental health issues like anxiety and depression – 1. Love and Affection- Pets provide you with a sensation of love. Knowing that there is someone waiting for you when you get back home, even if it is an animal helps cure loneliness. Pets are equally needy of affection and it doesn’t matter what type of animal you choose. Even an independent pet would want to come back to you at the end of the day and this helps people feel loved. 2. Routine. Responsibility. Reflection – Having a pet means having a responsibility on your shoulders. Though this responsibility seems like a small pain and huge relief. A pet needs to be taken care of and so as to make sure they receive the best condition one has to change their schedule and maintain a routine. This help us humans realize where we have been lacking in our lives. From house management to anger management, pets check our emotional balance in ways difficult to fathom. 3. Increased Sense Of Self Worth- When you have a pet you have a being that is mostly dependent upon you. As expected you will have to worry about their meal timings and other such basic needs. This voice inside your mind worrying about a creature whose sole hope is you make you feel worthy. That sensation of being needed help one in realizing their importance. 4. Provides Aim- Having a pet means having someone who you want to take care of. You will look around that they are comfortable or not. Find out ways in which you make them live their life more joyfully. All these small tasks slowly inculcate aims in your life. For one to get out of a mental disorder like depression it is important to have an aim/ a hope in life. A pet provide the person with one such aim/motive to keep going. 5. A Good Partner- This is a rather commonly used term in respect to pets i.e. ‘partner’. A pet is not only a partner for you to share your house with. You share your feelings, your space and time, your presence with them. Pets are such good listeners even if they are probably busy licking their belly clean. You can share anything and everything with them. they might not be able to give any advice yet their presence will make it better. You can talk endlessly to them or share your silence and they will be there all the time. They will cuddle or will simply run around you or in the water of that tank. Their presence makes dealing with everything so much more easier and hence they are ‘partners’ who keep your secrets and smiles to themselves. When talking about the things a pet can provide us we may feel needy. Though who doesn’t ‘need’ a furry nuzzle from their fur ball? Or a schematic dance performance from their fish when feeling low? Since when being needy is wrong? Learn to love yourself and other beings. Adopt a pet and provide yourself and it with new start for a joyous life. Find a BUDDY to share all your problems with (even anonymously, if you want) on the FeelJoy Mobile App available for all Android users.  DOWNLOAD THE FEELJOY APP HERE.
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