Importance of Listening and Paying Attention

In this chaotic world where people hardly have enough time for themselves, it becomes hard to pay attention to other’s problems. Still, because we live in a very fast-moving world there is so much that overwhelms us not just emotionally but also mentally. That’s why we all need someone with whom we can share our problems. But the question here is that what does one desire in return, a solution or a suggestion?

There are many things that a person can desire for after sharing their problems, like

  •  A solution from your perspective.
  •  A suggestion of how you think they should deal with the situation.
  •  Just understanding and listening to them, and not judging them
  • Or just your validation

It is important to remember that what they don’t desire is being judged, criticized or taunted in any manner.

Being a good listener is as important if not more as being an eloquent speaker. It hardly matters which situation one is in, be it personal or professional, being a good listener always adds to one’s strengths. If both parties that are involved in a conversation keep on talking, without anyone listening or understanding, it will be of no use and no message will be conveyed or received.

Also, a good listener is very important for a person dealing with depression or anxiety. When someone is going through any mental health issues like depression or anxiety, they seek out for someone who can understand them and help them out with their problems.

What they need from their listener is attentiveness and being understood, not judged in any manner.

How to become a better listener?

Well, there are few things to remember if you want to become a better listener like:

  • Be attentive and maintain eye contact, this way the speaker will feel comfortable and it will also give him a sense of security and importance
  • Be patient, it is important to be empathetic and non-judgmental.
  • Do not interrupt when the speaker and let him complete, then reply.
  • Also, don’t reply just for the sake of replying, try understanding first and if you feel like you can help them out anyways share your suggestion, but remember not to impose that on them.

FeelJoy – Mental Well-Being for Anxiety is an android app created by professionals to be a mental health companion for the user. It has a simple psychometric test that tells you your anxiety level and many self-help queries that may provide related solutions.

The ‘Buddy Project’ which is one of the best features in this app provides you with individuals, who are available to talk and listen to you. One of our biggest problems is when we are going through something rather painful or worrisome we don’t want to talk about it with anyone, as we fear being judged.

Keeping that in mind FeelJoy gives you a safe environment where you can anonymously talk to the individuals provided by a chat system, who will listen to you and give you positive advice and motivation when required.

Find a BUDDY to share all your problems with (even anonymously, if you want) on the FeelJoy Mobile App available for all Android users. 


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