Mothers – The Real Superheroes

We’ve all heard the unarguably famous saying by Rudyard Kipling that has held its credibility against the test of time, “God couldn’t be everywhere and therefore, he created moms.” Well, don’t we all agree? Mothers undoubtedly are no less than superheroes. They fulfil all of their duties, taking care of their parents, siblings, their husband, and off course their children. Mothers are full of life, an epitome of wholesome and unadulterated love and even when they are upset they never let that sadness pass onto us. They take in all the pain only to give the best of what is out there. They sacrifice their needs to fulfil our needs. Just imagine being in your mother’s shoes, you wouldn’t last a day. If the husband wants something he will call his wife, if the mother-in-law wants something she will call her daughter-in-law, if kids want something then they call their mothers. But what if the mother wants something who is supposed to call? In today’s world, most of the mothers are working (8-9 hour jobs) to help run the family. But the amount of stress they get is something that even a superhero won’t be able to handle. After working for so many hours at office, they come home and have to work again. It is so tiring and stressful and yet you have to always be on a run but she still does it all with utmost grace bearing a cheerful smile. Being a mother is a herculean task and it’s high time that we started acknowledging that fact. And if we talk about housewives, which are the case that can be seen largely in the Indian society, well, their work is no less than working women. Every day to get up early and prepare breakfast for the family and then send kids to school then clean the whole house, wash utensils and when they finally feel that they can relax, they have to now prepare lunch for the family, pick up kids from school and serve them food. So, there is no stopping, it’s just move and move for mothers. They don’t have time for relaxation. And yet, let alone applauded and respected, they aren’t even ample amount of appreciation for doing all that they do. Their world might be falling apart on the inside but they never show it on the outside. Never will you ever find something as pure and unadulterated as a mother’s love. The world depends on their mothers when it comes to wanting things but what about her, who is supposed to fulfill her needs? Who is supposed to stand next to her as a support system? Who is there for her 24/7 like she is there for you? It is very easy when we mock them and ask them what are they exactly doing? Just be in their position for once and you’ll have the answer. They have done so much for all of us but do we even give them the required credit for that, let alone be thankful? Small things can mark a great difference. Ask her if she needs anything, offer her with water when she is tired, and help her with daily mundane tasks. Start there. Help her clean the house and make her a cup of tea or coffee. Doesn’t have to be something huge, just try putting some efforts and trust me she will be truly happy. Mothers, without a doubt, are our superheroes. People need superheroes but sometimes superheroes need people too. Always appreciate a mother’s efforts and love them back. Find a BUDDY to share all your problems with (even anonymously, if you want) on the FeelJoy Mobile App available for all Android users.  DOWNLOAD THE FEELJOY APP HERE.
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