Vulnerability is not a FLAW!

Most of the millennials fear abandonment; the feeling which arises when they are not able to get along with people or most of the time due to the fear of being judged (somewhere in the subconscious mind). This, in turn, forces them to act like they are impeccable (or flawless) and there is nothing that can disturb them. However, each person on this earth has some weakness and believe us, It’s okay to accept that. IT IS OKAY TO BE VULNERABLE! Before writing this article, we conducted a research to know more about such issues. Why don’t people like accepting their weaknesses? Why does it even matter what the world thinks about you? Why do we fear abandonment? The answer to each of these questions was one — These people are afraid of being vulnerable! For all the folks who think that vulnerability is a curse, we would like to make some arguments (give some tips) which might change your mind– 1) Vulnerability is beautiful: Having near and dear ones around requires a connection, not by mind but purely by heart. And in this world do we really expect to maintain a real bond by faking ourselves to them; showing them we are PERFECT? It is time we accept that our vulnerability is what makes us inimitable. Yes, we have flaws! Yes, we have done things we should not have! Yes, we have our fears! Easier it is for you to accept your flaws, easier it becomes for your friend to understand you. 2) Open up to the right people: We do not want you to open up to everyone around but there would be few people who are worth it. Do not start by telling your whole life to them at once. Take your time and let them take theirs to establish that sort of connection. 3) It really doesn’t matter if you are being judged: One of the main things we have learned in these last few years is that, regardless of what you have done and what you will do, there will be people in the lot who judge! There might also be some who bully! And these are the people you should stay away from. Most of them would never even meet you later in life, so why to waste time thinking about them? 4) Listen more than you speak: Opening to someone requires establishing a trust which has to be extended from both sides. Always remember, the more you listen to a person, more you are letting them open up to you and more they open, more you will feel comfortable in sharing what you have to. 5) Being by yourself is better than being in a fake relationship: Do you really think, someone who cannot even accept the REAL you deserves your time and energy? This is why we advise to accept your vulnerability as soon as possible and rather move away from toxic people. Vulnerability is a natural thing to have in a relationship. It makes you — “YOU”. It teaches you to accept yourself with all your flaws. This is what makes you unique from the crowd. And anything which makes you unique is the thing you should never stop looking out for. Find a BUDDY to share all your problems with (even anonymously, if you want) on the FeelJoy Mobile App available for all Android users.  DOWNLOAD THE FEELJOY APP HERE.
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