Ways To Distract Yourself When You Are Feeling Disturbed

There are times when you just can’t connect your thoughts no matter how hard you try. You have this long essay left to write and you can’t get rid of that classmate’s voice blaming you for the mistake you never made. You finally get time to rest yet all you are doing is thinking about the negative comments of ‘people’. You feel disturbed and find yourself in a shell of negative thoughts and memories. Distracting yourself might seem like a very obvious solution whilst the problem is, How to distract yourself? Is it even possible to conventionally distract yourself while in those tangled thoughts? Distracting yourself won’t be a child’s play as your brain is actively thinking about the stuff that is not relevant. In short your brain is already ‘distracted’. Aimed distractions would only make you more prone to the disturbance. The song you listen would remind you of your scenario and a song totally unrelated to your state of mind would seem like a nuisance. Here are some ways through which you can achieve that much needed distraction from your anxious thoughts: 1. Admit- Promptly admit that; yes! You indeed are thinking about things. Share it with some trusted company, say it out loud or write it down. But do so and admit it. Let your ruminations run wild in your conscious state. It would change the flow of thoughts from intrusive to intentional thus blocking the disturbance. 2. Contemplate About The Thought- You are continuously being bugged by a particular thought and eventually you run out of distractions then, why not give that thought a shot? You might find something interesting, some positive outlook in it, isn’t it a possibility? in case you find a way to counter face the thought in real life you must do so. Why not realize that the thought that have been circling your mind is totally dumb by actually counting on its statistics? Is that thought even worth your mental peace? 3. Immerse Yourself In An ‘Activity’- Focus upon the fact that you are supposed to indulge yourself in an ‘activity’ and not in leisure desires and pleasures. Listening to songs, watching a movie or running around the house doing all possible tasks you get your hands on so as to ‘take your mind off’ is a big No. Get into an activity head on and finish it until you are properly satisfied with your achievement and hard work. 4. Plan Out- Planning is one of the best solutions to keep anxious thoughts at bay. Plan your day and work schedule beforehand. It will help you in avoiding situations that can induce anxiety. A few days in your week with non-stop work and other with no work at all is bound to make your brain run out for air leading into muddy pitfalls! Our mind is flawlessly capable of distracting itself. Distracting it from its own distractions is a task that would require your conscious to awaken. Distract yourself by concentrating on the positives. We know the solutions to our problems, we are just never sure enough of ourselves. Find a BUDDY to share all your problems with (even anonymously, if you want) on the FeelJoy Mobile App available for all Android users.  DOWNLOAD THE FEELJOY APP HERE.
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