Why is Mental Health as important as Physical Health?

With New Year right just have begun, resolutions of being healthier will make it to almost everyone’s “to-do list.” Generally, the first thing that comes to our mind is exercising, jogging, hitting the gym, etc. when we think about our health and well-being, which is all related to our physical health. We forget or never really talk about our mental and emotional well-being.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) ‘health’ is defined as,” a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” This means that to be healthy is to have a complete balance between one’s physical, mental and emotional health, and none is more important or vital than the other. More so, the WHO also states that “there is no health without mental health.”

What is mental health?

Mental health is related to our psychological, social and emotional well-being and affects how we think, feel and react in our daily lives. It also includes our ability to handle our emotions, stress, social life and decision-making which are determined by our psychological or mental state. Especially in today’s world, mental health has become as important as physical health and is also related to it.

Why is mental health just as important as physical health?

Mental health can affect physical health – when we are physically ill or in pain, everything from our work to personal life is affected by it, which can also have an influence on our mental state due to stress, anxiety or depression. Similarly, when we are dealing with mental health issues, they can show their effects on our physical health, like anxiety or depression can cause sleep issues which in the long run is harmful to our health.

Mental health affects our productivity –

People who have mental health issues frequently face problem-related to less productivity in the professional sphere of their lives or issues related to procrastination. In one way or the other mental health issues kill our productivity or our desire to do something, and by doing so it affects both public and private spheres of our lives. Less productivity means less work done which can affect our lives financially, which would lead us to more worries and stress.

Mental health can affect emotional health –

Most of the mental health issues directly or indirectly are related to mental health problems. And kind of emotional stress wound or dissatisfaction can cause major stress issues and self-confidence issues in our lives which can lead to depression and more dangerous mental health problems. Similarly, if we are mentally stressed and exhausted to a level that we are not able to control ourselves, it has a negative effect on our emotional health. An unbalanced mental state can make us feel emotional distress and lonely. This can be very dangerous if proper treatment is not provided.

Mental health can affect our loved ones –

When a person in our family is physically hurt or in pain, we get worried. Similarly, when someone is going through a difficult phase in their lives, it reflects on their relationship with their loved ones. A person who is not in a state of mind that is well-balanced, can cause stress in the family or ruin the relations. This is also the reason why mental health should be a priority in our daily lives, especially with the younger generation.

Mental health has an equal role as our emotional and physical health in our overall health and well-being. Even though we tend to give priority to our physical health, we should never neglect our mental and emotional health. Mental health is gaining importance in recent years along with overall well-being, but we still have a long way to go. We should make talk related to stress management and talking about our worries to our trusted friends and families easy. Everyone should be provided with a safe environment to tackle their problems without judgment. Just because we can’t see mental health issues like we see a physical problem, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. We should keep in mind that for our overall well-being we need to give mental health as much importance as physical health.

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6 thoughts on “Why is Mental Health as important as Physical Health?

  1. A very good post.. these days people have started focussing on mental health.. earlier most were unaware about this term.. Mental health is as important as physical health..

    1. Good work highlighting the importance of Mental health as compared to “physical health” , which evryone seems to sideline ! Articles like these are always helpful .

  2. I think we should give equal importance to the mental health as much as we give to physical health.
    And this post does provide the information about the importance of the mental health.
    Very informative!

    Thanks Tanya

  3. This post clearly demarcates the need of giving equal importance to mental health as well. This post is full of useful information and great topic

  4. Good work highlighting the importance of Mental health as compared to “physical health” , which evryone seems to sideline ! Articles like these are always helpful .

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