You cannot have a positive life with a negative mindset

As kids, we’ve all loved fantasies and fairytales, haven’t we? But what about them is so captivating that they eased all our worries? It could be the aesthetically magical world that we imagine ourselves into or the fact that it was never a sad ending. However, when faced with realities we only received growing evidence of ‘Happy Endings’ being a myth. Most of us to this day enjoy watching fantasies in order to pursue the ‘perfect’ we’re all searching for, but do you know what sets characters of these movies apart? It is beyond doubt their optimism and that is exactly what we’re going to be talking about in this blog. Lifestyle patterns that cause a negative mindset- We never realize but daily hassles and ignored incidences subconsciously affect the equilibrium of our minds. Given below are some examples of incidences that promote negative thoughts- 1. Comparison and criticism from our loved ones 2. Not learning from failures 3. Damaged intrapersonal relationship 4. Negative occurrences around us 5. Workplace politics 6. Tendencies of exaggerating and over thinking 7. Surrounding yourself with toxic relationships 8. All work and no play Titanic sank when the water got inside of it and thus, negativity affects you only when you let it storm your head and we all know a troubled mind is an open treasure for various mental illnesses. Let’s take a moment to understand the relation between negative thoughts and various psychological illnesses- Anxiety Both anxiety and negative thoughts go hand in hand, remember how your mother panics when you fail to answer her call repeatedly? You not answering the call starts a series of negative thoughts which in turn cause anxiety and this anxiety further deepens negative thinking. Besides this, the fear of failure or being a disappointment to the surroundings you belong to adds onto the trouble. This is primarily because we are conditioned, right from our childhoods to fear disapproval. Emotional If you’ve seen the movie ‘Inside Out’ you’re well aware of how basic negative emotions are necessary to let out unsaid feelings else they lead to frustration. Our emotions are our guiding light. Let’s continue with the previous example, how many times have you seen your mother or let’s say an old person weep just by the thought of something bad happening? Well, I suppose this is enough proof to highlight the fact that just a hint of negative thinking can create a pool of emotional troubles. Stress and DepressionMore commonly known as the common cold and viral of mental illnesses considering their occurrences have gone up since the last decade. Depression causes a person to capture himself behind the bars of negativity, they begin to feel worthless and create gloomy scenarios in their head that strengthen their depressive state.Stress occurs when one believes that their coping mechanisms are insufficient to deal with a challenging situation. Even though this might not be so, yet forcing our self to believe in such a negative aspect pulls all the wrong chords. A study conducted on nearly 1000 American teens proved that negative thinking furthers stress levels which in turn cause varying degrees of negative emotions. How to fight all that negativity? Positivity: The key to happiness- It is normal to lose hope when things are backfiring for a long time but until you have faith in yourself, you have everything. Citing the most clichéd example here of the ant and how it doesn’t give up till it reaches its destination is the best way to motivate a person on not giving up. Think about it what if the pretendants to the ‘Iron Throne’ gave up? There wouldn’t have been eight long seasons of our most loved show ’Game of Thrones’. You see a little patience is a key to unlocking your upcoming happiness. Moreover, why so serious? Why not learn a good lesson from every fall? Why not break the monotony and do something off-beat? Why not build a castle out of every brick thrown at you? Understanding that just lecturing won’t help, let’s take another minute or so to figure out how to adapt the art of positivity and we shall do this in three parts- Healthy LifestyleEver heard of how chocolate settles down your bad mood? Exactly! Food I guess is the best and the most interesting way of staying positive, I mean what could be better than a win-win situation? An article published by the ‘Netdoctor’ describes the following foods for fighting bad moods. Brazil nuts, Oily fish, Oats, Bananas, Lentils, Chicken and Turkey, Spinach, Water, Cereal, Dark Chocolate, Oyster Foods that promote bad mood – Caffeine, Sugar, Alcohol Steps towards achieving self improvement and a healthy lifestyle – 1. Finding a minimum level of optimism in every situation 2. Cultivate a positive environment around yourself 3. Go easy-Go slow 4. Don’t exaggerate 5. Overcome your vague fears 6. Bring positivity to someone’s life 7. Build through criticism 8. Sleep well 9. Work out your way to find solutions 10. Start your day with something positive 11. Strategically move through the day Mental Wellness By now the world has accepted the role of yogic science and meditation in mental well being. Let’s understand how meditation helps in leading an efficacious life. Imagine blowing into a balloon- what changes do you see in it? Does it expand or contract? Now, touch your stomach and feel your tummy, does it go outward or inward when you inhale? For most of us, inhaling means our stomachs squeezing in, which obviously is the wrong pattern of breathing. This causes short-breaths, that is one does not inhale deep enough to make the best use of breaths blessed to them. According to the yogic science, there are nearly four levels of inhaling- esophagus, lungs, stomach and lower abdomen. The deeper you go, the better it gets. People who breathe at the oesophageal and the lung level generally have bad moods that push their minds into negativity. Meditation helps in correcting these patterns and thus bringing the charm of optimism in your life. As mentioned, nothing can bring a good change in your life unless you fight your situations because the only thing that stands between you and your goals is the negativity that you captivate yourself in. Find a BUDDY to share all your problems with (even anonymously, if you want) on the FeelJoy Mobile App available for all Android users.  DOWNLOAD THE FEELJOY APP HERE.
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