How To Deal With Toxicity At Home While Working From Home?

Human life has different aspects like work, family, self, relational, community and so on. Life is an integration and balance of all these aspects. The work from the home mode of working merges two different aspects of our life, both aspects influence each other. The work environment influences your home environment and the home environment influences the work environment. Working from home has both pros and cons like you can work at your place, save time to commute, a comfortable zone to work, but it blurs the line of work and family time which leads to working at odd hours, overwork, managing home also and blurring of the boundary between the both. The place of work and home is the same which leads to a feeling of lack of energy and finding yourself to indulge in multitasking. 

The home environment also plays a role in how you manage both work and home. A supportive and healthy environment encourages you, motivates you, provides care and gives you space. The toxic environment such as regular interference during working hours, fights at home regularly, giving you work in between your office hours, not cooperating with your workspace, considering work from home is not working, taunting, lack of encouragement and support. The toxic environment leads to multitasking, hampering your concentration, lack of energy, feeling drained, impacting your mood, feeling trapped, and impacts on your performance, productivity, mood and thoughts.

Here are some ways that can help you to deal with toxicity at home during work from home, they are as follows –

  • It is important to identify what things are impacting you, what impacts it has on your mood and thoughts through a journal or doing a worksheet to recognize the surroundings. After recognizing what things are impacting you at home and what impacts it has on you. You can prioritize the things needed to address first and do you have control over that situation or not. Eg – disturbed by your sibling, communicate with them, tell them how you feel about it and what support you want from them.
  • At home, every situation is not under your control. You can’t talk or express yourself every time. In this situation, you can work on your environment and yourself to deal with the situation.
  • You can change the place of work and place where you stay after work such as you can shift to the balcony for work, living room for work.
  • Decorate the place of your work
  • Take a break in between your work
  • Journal about your feelings and thoughts, alternative solutions to the situations. 
  • Try not to multitask and prioritize the tasks which are important first.
  • Work towards increasing your productivity and taking care of yourself.
  • Talk to someone
  • Join a support group of people going through the same problems as yours at home and how they are managing work. It helps you in sharing and also might give you some ideas to deal with the situation.
  • Identify the time where you are least disturbed at home and do an important task around that time.
  • Make a self-care toolkit for you which includes the top five things you like to do for yourself such as taking a nap, going for a walk, talking to someone, skincare, indulging with your creative side. 
  • Try to set boundaries at both home and workplace.
  • Make a schedule and set deadlines 
  • The use of apps to talk to someone and relaxation techniques such as Feel Joy buddy support. 

These are certain ways which help you in dealing with the toxic environment at home during work from home. It starts by recognizing and identifying the issues in the surrounding and how it is impacting yourself, and then move towards how much you can control and communicate to others in your surroundings. There are some ways which you can use to take care of yourself, the surrounding and working environment to the extent which is under your control. It is not possible to control your surroundings or communicate with others at home, at that time we have to recognize what things we can work on our surroundings and self to deal with the situation. Take a step, have faith in yourself, and appreciate yourself.

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