Be happy right now, for this moment is your life.

A smile that reflects in a person’s eyes is more beautiful than any ornament they could wear. There is nothing, absolutely nothing prettier than a happy face. Ever seen that group of elderly people in the garden going ‘hahahaha’? This is called the laughter therapy and the next time you see them, notice how after a minute or so you, yourself will have a smile on your face. The logic is simple smiling faces attract peace and make others happy. Life – Do you know your life becomes a zillion times more beautiful when you learn to be happy? Obviously, there’s no denying of the importance of other emotions but think about it, does any other feeling soothes you as much as happiness? The journey of life is a bumpy road so why not imagine it as a roller coaster ride- you scream, cry, get pissed off for buying the tickets but in the end get down-satisfied and glad. Smile – According to Psychology, our facial expressions influence our mood greatly, you might want to try forcing a smile on your face when it seems to be impossible and see how your negative emotions vanish in a jiffy. Happiness Happiness just doesn’t help you biologically but also brings a wave of mental peace. One usually gets upset when the equilibrium of their mind is disturbed and continues to be sad until it is restored; happiness does it directly so why take the long route? Mental healthDo you know when you’re happy, you biological processes become more relaxed and well functioning? Just like everybody our brain and body too need to be a peace to work. So every moment you waste being unhappy or angry etc you push your biological processes into seeking solutions to your bad mood which in turn affects their functioning. Mental health wellnessJust to give you a biological perspective, when you are happy, your brain releases certain neurotransmitters (communicative brain juices) such as endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin- now if you’ll Google, you’ll know that these are some of the most important and major ingredients that help our mind stay calm and work efficiently. Healthy lifestyleIt might come as a bummer but your lifestyle has a great deal to do with the status of your emotional health and happiness, certain foods are proven to enhance depression and maybe it is the strong relationship between a healthy lifestyle and happiness that makes yoga, gyming and meditation so successful. Emotional healthAs discussed above, happiness sets all your biological processes in a well functioning motion, especially the brain and since this organ is vital for ensuring a healthy emotional health, which further is the basis of our peaceful existence- it could be safely concluded that things turn beautiful when you’re happy. Living in the momentThe logic is simple, if you’re living in the moment and if you’re happy right now, you’ll be happy overall because right now keeps going whereas the past and future are uncertain and full of possibilities. This moment that you have right now is precious, don’t let any moment of negativity snatch it away from you, smile, laugh and be happy because ‘right now’ isn’t coming back. Find a BUDDY to share all your problems with (even anonymously, if you want) on the FeelJoy Mobile App available for all Android users.  DOWNLOAD THE FEELJOY APP HERE.
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One thought on “Be happy right now, for this moment is your life.

  1. Hi Vibha,
    Thank you for writing this masterpiece on “Happy Life”. I have read your blog posts and I must admit that I have always found them really useful and insightful. Along with loads of useful information, I also like your style of writing! Thanks!

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