Positive Effects Of Reading On Mental Health

As goes the famous quote by Neil Gayman, “Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten as well.” This quote very well explains the power that a good book holds. They have a way of change our lives. Books have been mankind’s best friend for as long as we can remember but the question is, what is it about books that made us call them our best friends? How can one book make it all better? How to choose our books wisely?

How do books affect us?

Fiction or non-fiction, it hardly matters what book you are reading. If it is a good book, then it will make you think about you own life, decisions and actions. It will make you feel all the emotions that you have never felt before. It takes you to a world of imaginative scenarios; a world where it doesn’t matter whether the protagonists’ look up to your standard or not, instead what matters is that they are fighters and they do not give up. May be this is why it is said that words should be chosen wisely because you never know how they will affect someone else. Hence, making it even more clear that the genre of our book should be chosen carefully. Especially during the times of the pandemic, we should read books that make us hold onto hope, that makes us believe in positivity and inspire us.

Books can make your mind as well as destroy it. They have the power to change our thinking. Some books that will help you feel better during such morbid times are enlisted below:

Lance Armstrong: It’s not About the Bike my Journey Back to Life (By Lance Armstrong and Sally Jenkins)

We all are familiar with the name of Lance Armstrong, the rider who won Tour de France but more importantly, another very important element of the story of his life is the fact that he fought against cancer and won. He was diagnosed with one of the rarest kinds of cancer. We all know what such a disease does to a person’s mental health. Yet, he fought and never gave up. When talking about his experience with cancer, Lance wrote in his book,

“Your past forms you, whether you like it or not. Each encounter and experience has its own effect and you’re shaped the way the wind shapes a mesquite tree on a plain.”

“Make every obstacle an opportunity.”

That is the level of positivity of this book. It gives you a view of life from the eyes of a man who saw hardships, success, downfall and lost hope all in just 25 years of his life but instead of giving up, he chinned up and won against all odds.

Buy it here.

Everything is Possible (By Jen Bricker)

It is an uplifting story for readers of all ages, that tells the story of Jen Bricker, a woman born without legs, who refuses to let anything get in her way. Jen Bricker has a positive attitude unlike any other. She continued to play sports all her life, such as basketball, softball, volleyball, and power tumbling. At an early age, she was given up for adoption. In her loving adoptive home, there was just one simple rule:

“Never say can’t.”

Filled with positivity, spirit, as well as Jen’s wit, wisdom and no-holds-barred honesty, this book points the way to purpose and joy.

Buy it here.

Harry Potter series (By J.K. Rowling)

Well, who doesn’t know about the famous Harry Potter and his adventures? After all, J.K Rowling created a whole new world with her words. Other than the wand, the magic broom and creatures, there is so much more to this book. It takes us to the depth of relationships, definitions of love and friendship, the power of a mother’s love and even more importantly it is the story of a boy who lived. Who was chosen to end an enemy everyone feared. He lost many a loved ones on the way, put his life in danger almost every time, and still he won in the end. These books can be your escape and can give you a glimpse of truth in the real world at the same time. Even though it is all fiction, the emotions it represents are more than real. As stated by Professor Dumbledore in the fourth book, All we need in life is “Something worth fighting for.”

Buy it here.

Ageless Body Timeless Mind (By Deepak Chopra)

This book is known to be one of the masterpieces. In his book the author conveys a message,

“We are not victims of aging, sickness, and death. These are part of the scenery, not of the seer, who is immune to any form of change. This seer is the spirit, the expression of eternal being.”

He advises us on how to “defeat entropy”, “to believe” enough to offer palpable resistance to processes of physical alteration, and to “reinterpret your body” such that a renewed will comes to out of it. He himself believes in “a land where no one is old,” and where “we create our bodies as we create the experience of our world.” It is a book that changes our view towards life in just one read.

Buy it here.

These books can help you find positivity whilst providing you with examples from other people’s lives but in the end, all that matters is how much you receive from them and how exactly you perceive them. After all, it is your effort that makes all the difference. So what are you waiting for? Make a mean cup of coffee and get back to reading. There is still so much we have to learn!

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7 thoughts on “Positive Effects Of Reading On Mental Health

  1. Books….. They’re my other half. They have the capability, such strength to attract me, to immerse me in their love, to teach me life lessons, to comfort me.
    From comics to non fiction to romance, everything soothes me, tells me it’s okay.
    Thank you for bringing about such an amazing article.

  2. Such an amazingly written piece! Being a person who loves reading and values books a lot …I can totally relate to this article.

  3. I have read Harry Potter Series and Everything said about it in this article is 100% true. Wonderful suggestions by the writer.❤

  4. A very well written article. Motivating and inspiring words that really make one ponder on the roles of books in shaping one’s destiny. The quotes are well placed and summarize the essence of the article.

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