8 ways to improve your Sleep Cycle

A good night’s sleep is a gift to your body that one needs to give it every night. Doing so has become extremely difficult for an increasing number of people. Studies suggest that India is the 2nd most sleep-deprived country where over 93% of the population struggles with it; this is just the statistics of India, think about the world at large. Now these are just some of the realistic facts and you might be one amongst the lot but you can surely change that and give yourself a sound sleep every single night.

Here are some ways to help you:

  • Clear your mind: 

 One might have heard people complaining about overthinking at night (specially), because they struggle to get enough sleep. One way in which you can stop doing  that is by actually de-constructing your day half-an-hour prior to bed-time, by either writing it down in your journal or just by thinking about whatever you have done on that day and giving yourself enough credit for whatever little you have achieved. Detoxing your mind is equally essential for a good sleep-cycle. Some even find relaxation exercises helpful in clearing up their mind. On a moral compass, sleep without carrying grudges against anyone, forgive them for your peace of mind and that would actually calm you down before you sleep.

  • Get rid of all the gadgets:

The more electronic devices that a person uses in the evening, the harder it is to fall asleep or stay asleep. This is why one needs to get rid of all the electronic gadgets before going to bed. Electronic gadgets like phones, ipads, laptops and televisions emit artificial blue lights which suppress the release of sleep-inducing hormones which results in difficulty falling asleep. This is why it is suggested to keep your phones and other electronic gadgets at bay from your bed, ideally outside your room but if not then at a distance from your bed. Make it a point to not use any screen an hour prior to your sleep and replace the gadgets with a book or maybe a magazine.

  • Try to create a Night-time routine:

Having a night-time routine helps your body get used to the process of winding things up and gives you tranquillity. Inculcating good sleeping habits can do wonders for the sleep-cycle. It should begin with a good 15-minute of face and mouth cleansing which would make you feel relaxed, it is usually followed by drinking a glass of water and then putting yourself into loose and comfortable clothes before hitting the bed. The purpose of the entire process is to treat your body with utmost care as it’s time for it to rest. Your body needs that much care after getting exerted throughout the day. One step before entering the next day is to prep-plan for it by taking out your clothes for the day and arranging your bag as well as cleaning up your living space.

  • Skip naps:

Sometimes people tend to take afternoon naps which then results in problems in sleeping on time during the night. So for those who are in the habit of taking after-noon naps and then finding it difficult to sleep during the night, cut down on your nap-time. If you are feeling extremely tired then a power-nap for 10-15 minutes is ideal. Late-day naps for a long stretch will reduce your sleep drive and would ultimately lead to problems during the night.

  • Make your surrounding harmonious:

A clean room with dim lights accompanied by ideal room temperature and soothing fragrance will give your body a calming effect which will most definitely help you get a perfect night sleep. To avoid getting lights from outside your windows get black-out shades so that the light does not bother you. Keep your environment as dark as possible since light disrupts your body’s natural sleep rhythm. Using organic-scented candles can also help one fall asleep. Many people nowadays use essential oils for a better sleep. Research shows that essential oils can provide relief to people with problems in sleeping, especially for adults. Essential oil live Vanilla reduces hyperactivity and restlessness which ultimately helps you to fall asleep. Many people do not prefer essential oils due to heavy scents but one can always use what works for them. Talking about room temperature, keep it at a moderate level at all times, i.e. neither too hot nor too cold so that you can always avoid wasting your time in adjusting the temperature.

  •  Wake up at the same time everyday:

Over-sleeping during the weekends can be of little help while working on your sleep-cycle, it will disrupt your sleeping pattern and hence, it is advised to wake up every-day at the same time. If you are getting up at 6 everyday then follow it through even during the weekends. Develop a healthy morning to get in flow with your routine and make yourself feel productive. People who wake up early usually claim to feel   ‘productive’ throughout the day because your body is much more active during the day and you can get maximum work done in the early hours of the day.

  • Keep yourself Hydrated:

Studies reveal that your body works even harder to wake up if you are dehydrated. If you are hydrated it will actually help you fall asleep and will reduce chances of waking up in the middle of the night due to thirst. Sometimes people wake up in the middle of the night with excruciating pain due to cramps in your leg which is due to dehydration, perhaps that hinders your sleep and falling back asleep is a task as many have experienced. Having a chamomile tea and butterfly blue tea can be helpful for your sleep. So it’s always better to keep yourself hydrated before you lay on your bed.

  • Keep your body active throughout the day:

Your metabolism and your sleep are like companions, they always need to stay in sync for a perfect companionship. Your body needs to burn energy during the day and then relax at night. Workout for a good 30 minutes if not more everyday to keep your metabolism active. If you are physically active throughout the day then perhaps you’ll be extremely tired during the night and will be ready to rest. For that matter light exercises before sleeping are also proven helpful, it seemed to help people fall asleep faster and spend more time deep-sleeping.

Almost everyone today struggles occasionally with problems in falling asleep but if that becomes a pattern then one must consult for medical inquiry for the betterment of their health. There can be n-number of causes leading to that and a professional will be the best person to seek help from.

Trying the above ways will most definitely help you in one way or another. Nights are the only time you are giving complete attention to your body so give it a Good-night sleep for it selflessly works for you. 

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