How Can A Healthy Lifestyle Increase Happiness?

Healthy lifestyle refers to a healthy mind, body and soul. It includes feeling happy about your own self, eating healthy, thinking positively and adapting towards a better pathway. The fact about which we all should be quite clear is that we are discussing a ‘healthy’ lifestyle and not an ‘exotic’ one. However, when we bring about that so termed ‘exotic’ lifestyle we talk about artificiality, seemingly healthy (normal: non-controversial) ‘mindset’ and unnecessary possessions.

Stress is a mental health issue which is often very prevalent and rooting. Even though it is normal and common one should keep tabs on it as it can grow up into various other forms and branches of serious mental issues.

A healthy lifestyle enables one to have a positive outlook that is of utmost importance when dealing with mental issues.

Components Of Healthy Lifestyle And Their Connection With Stress Reduction-

• Healthy diet- A healthy diet not only keeps one nurtured and energetic but it also helps an individual in gaining an emotional and mental stability. When your body’s nutritional needs are satisfied it works proficiently. Physical health is also very much dependent upon what we eat hence; a healthy diet tops the charts as an essential component.

• Sleep schedule- 6 to 7 hours of continuous sleep is a must for a stress free mind. Proper rest is always necessary. Lack of sleep causes disturbance in concentration and bad mood which can cause conflicts among your personal or social circle which can be a serious cause of stress.

• Exercise- You do take rest and eat healthy but what use is it of if all you do is sit in front of a computer screen and rub your eyeballs out? Or if you study endlessly in your enclosed room boring your eyes deep within those thick monochromatic books? Obviously none! We all do acknowledge the fact that in present times; vigilant eyes and never-ending concentration is asked for in every field but, while giving your best you need to make other minor sacrifices too. Exercising is one such example. Taking time out is indeed difficult but just a 10 minute exercise can work wonders when done regularly and seriously.

One should also take a break in every hour so as to do small hand, neck and eye movements that can help you in keep going longer than usual. This will ease out the irritation caused by physical pain and discomfort which act as a potent stressor.

• Positive outlook- One can never miss out this factor while talking about dealing with stress and attaining a healthy lifestyle. A positive outlook helps in blocking away those negative thoughts and restricts your mind from overthinking insignificant situations. Many a problems and fits can be dealt with just a pinch of wisdom and positivity and it can save you from dealing with a lot of stressing instances.

A stress-free life always welcomes happiness and success. Happiness is nothing but an unrealistic label we set up and we end up consuming our whole life trying to find that vial of moment to be labeled. What one should accommodate with happiness is satisfaction and you will regard the view where all the delay in finding happiness and curing stress fades away.

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