Taking a break is necessary at times


A break is nothing but a brief cessation of work, physical exertion or an activity. One takes a break to give it a rest for a while with the intention of getting back to work later. Your mind craves for peace at times. Even if it’s not a physical activity your brain is still functioning, your brain gets exhausted too and it needs a break at times. A break is an important step towards better mental health and to keep you focused towards your goal. It’s a period of relaxation by involving yourself in a different activity or simply by taking a nap.

Constant sitting is not at all healthy for you physically and mentally. People sitting in front of a screen for hours have higher risk of having heart disease, diabetes, obesity and depression. Your body needs to move, it needs some physical activity in order to stay healthy. Your brain has to take a lot of decisions throughout the day, taking a break will help in preventing “decision fatigue”. Studies have proved that taking a break can help increase motivation towards your goal in the long run.

When is the right time to take a break? The following signs show that you need to take a break.
1.) When your body feels fatigue, nausea, pain, headache and depression.

2.) When you start to make careless decisions. Over exerting the brain leads to poor decision making.

3.) Lack of motivation towards the goal is also one of the sign. Breaks help a lot to keep one motivated towards the goal.

4.) You can’t stay focused towards your work. If all you do is work all the time then after a while you will start to lose interest, feel mental fatigue and lose focus.

5.) Deteriorating health is the most obvious sign that you need a much deserved break.

What kind of a break you can take? There are a lot of things one can do in his/her period of relaxation.

Following are few of the things that you can do-
1.) Go for a walk or exercise a bit. Move your body a bit in order to give movement to your muscles and bones.

2.) Change your environment. Leaving your workplace for a while will help you divert your mind towards the things other than work which is really needed after working for long.

3.) Take a power nap or have a healthy meal or a snack.

4.) Meditation is said to be really helpful in keeping your mind focused and calm which are signs of a good mental health.

5.) Everyone likes listening to music, who doesn’t? Listen to your favorite tracks which will keep your mind diverted from the stressful work you’ve been doing all day.

6.) Plan a perfect vacation for yourself, you deserve it.

Every individual has a different way of spending their free time or break time. This small period of time plays a big role in the long run. I suggest you to stop whatever you are doing right now and take a break because taking a break is necessary at times!

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