Love your flaws. They make you unique!

Your flaws make you weak is among the countless urban myths going around. Your flaws are like the effortless strokes of paint on a blank canvas, we don’t embrace the colours because we are forced to idealise the blank canvas. The increasing pressure of the society regarding “ideal beauty” takes a toll on the mind of young people all over the world as they try harder to cover up their flaws.

Beauty is a concept too powerful to be constrained into a frame made up by narrow minds, just because you don’t look like someone who you think is beautiful doesn’t mean you aren’t beautiful.You are the only one who gets to decide how to deal with your flaws; this society wants to push its agenda onto you by means of pushing you to these toxic ideas that you are not living up to their standards. To be beautiful means to be yourself, you need to be accepted by others, you need to accept yourself. Let yourself heal, slowly, and break yourself away from the noxious words of the society.

Accepting your imperfections makes you stronger in ways you don’t even realize. Let your mind introspect and have fun knowing yourself instead of getting mentally burdened by preconceived notions. Being human is being flawed, each of us is ripped at the edges but at the end of the day we all are masterpieces. People cover their flaws in hopes to be accepted by others but they constantly run away from the hurricane in their head and end up feeling more insecure each day. Make your mental health a priority. Don’t let yourself slip away in the sea of stigmas created by the society. Your flaws are your story, don’t mask them.

Celebrate your imperfections, your small achievements, your mental health and the world will be a better place in no time. Celebrate your body for what it does instead of how it looks. Don’t lose yourself in the cosmic crowd of stereotypes and self-doubt; escape the chaos in your head. Root for yourself and let yourself grow, you deserve to heal.

There was no person in this world who was never hurt; being covered in scratches after a long day is just life. If you look closely everyone around you is frantically trying to cover up their blemishes, that girl who hides her scars with makeup, that boy who is not confident in his body, that kid who overworks himself because he is struggling to keep up. If we could just strip away the layers beneath we hide, if we could just stop and breathe for a moment, we could actually find ourselves. Make your scars your identity instead of your illness; wear them like your shining armour. We all honour heroes for different reasons, but mostly because we hope to be rescued. But if the right hero doesn’t come along we have to rescue ourselves.

When you come to terms with your flaws, your beauty shines through them. There a million galaxies inside your mind, you are an important part of the universe, you are the centre of someone’s world; don’t be so hard on yourself. The universe wants you to realize you are enough, you have always been enough. You have to choose yourself even when others refuse to. You can’t expect yourself to go from a negative mentality to a positive one overnight, but every time you correct a bad thought you are growing. You are a strong person loving your flaws in a world that constantly tells them not to. Love yourself a little bit everyday and you’ll find that you love others a bit more too.

Perfection is overrated; the real beauty is being comfortable in your own skin. Don’t let that thought of being perfect keep you up at night. Cut yourself from the pressure to be perfect, there is no limit to how radiant and alive you can be. May your self love be stronger than your self doubt. When you accept your flaws and shine, you may inspire that other person who is going through the same thing.

Be a mirror for those who are hiding beneath the masks. While you accept your imperfections, accept others’ too. Self acceptance is a journey different for everyone, it might be a revolution for you or a gradual process but both are valid and both are important. At the end of the day you should be able to look back at your journey and be proud of how far you’ve come. Hating your body will never get you as far as loving it will. As cliché as it may sound it’s the only thing that matters; embrace your flaws, be kind to yourself, you are still learning to accept the parts of you that society has taught you to hate.

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