5 Ways To Become The Person You Aspire To Be

Our life’s main motive is to excel and do what we can to achieve what we want to, which is what we call progress. We all have a certain image about ourselves in our psyche which frames our actions and makes us do what we do. This is because we all aspire to be that person who we imagine. Life is not that smooth and we face many challenges that can make us feel drifted from that ambition. It requires tremendous courage, perseverance, and faith in ourselves to consistently keep on walking those steps. There are moments in life when one feels like giving up on expectations from the self that they want to overcome. In order to persist when all you want to do is to give up, you just need to believe that success is possible.

To keep on going and stay motivated, here are 5 ways by which we can find that belief and continue to become the person who we aspire to be.

1. Explore your true potential: Potential is much deeper than interest. Potential is something that fits with us comfortably. Anything which we can do to the best capacity is our potential. We can define our potentials by gathering knowledge, practice and experience. Potential makes us authentic and truly ourselves, providing us better self-image and confidence. It is important to know our potential in order to stay focused and create more opportunities. If we know who we truly are and what we are supposed to do, we are less likely to be distracted. At times it is difficult for us to know our true potential; in such cases, one can consider having a counseling session with a professional who can guide them in the right way.

2. Building confidence: Challenges and pressure are inherent and one needs to have a strong back to stay fixed on their path. Confidence plays a major role in this scenario. Confidence is not only about the way we perform our tasks but also how we recover or stay stable under pressure. Hurdles will always be there in our way as we move forward to achieve our dreams. There will be times when all you will want is to deny the need to become what you want and adjust with uncertainties but you have to push yourself, gather strength, take care of yourself, and believe that you can do it. To achieve this, you need motivation which is possible through various means, and the most important thing is to appreciate the positive qualities in yourself.

3. Don’t let a downer influence you: Most people settle for less and it is possible that they might convince us to do the same. Once we consider their words in our life, we are more likely to doubt our abilities and potentials which can make us feel less motivated and more doubtful. This influence can make us think that settling for less is actually easy and all we have to do is sacrifice our dream a little more. During such times, our thinking and confidence have a major role to play. We have to remind ourselves that our dreams are important and our main motive is to achieve them. We are the ones who are meant to be an inspiration for others and not them. So, it is better to stay away from such people.

4. Avoid self-abusive behaviors during stressful periods: During challenges and pressure, one can experience discomfort. This is the time when some of us might feel that self-abusive behaviors like drinking, smoking, or drug abuse might help us. Getting into such illusions could change our habits and once we get a hang of it, we are stuck in that cycle. We must remind ourselves that such behaviors will only lead us to neglecting our health and health is very important to sustain and be successful. Those things may provide comfort at first but they’ll only make the situation worse. Instead we should endeavour to  develop pressure-resistant habits that employ analysis, reality-testing, foresight, compassion for self, etc.

5. Believing in yourself: It might sound vague but it is possible to believe in yourself during hard times. We must believe that we have the power to achieve and stay motivated. Counting our positives and appreciating our journey helps us to believe that we can do anything we want. We just have to know that we have the ability and that we can control our thoughts and actions. Some days are tougher than others and successful are those who maintain a balance in every situation.

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