How To Look After Your Mental Well-being When You Move To Another City?

We have experience of moving from one place to another in the same city or to some other city, or have heard stories from people who shift regularly and what all challenges they face in that process of their transaction from one city to another. Moving to other cities has a physical, emotional, social and economic impact on their life. It involves the task of packing, shipping your stuff from one place to another, arranging a new place in a new city, going away from the city where you have so many memories, and adjusting to the new place at different levels. It is a fully challenging and transitional experience that one goes through.

The impact of moving to other city on the well-being of the individual depends upon a number of factors such as whether it is a planned move or an unplanned one, whether they have made arrangements in terms of the house, healthcare, have they shifted their goods or are they still working on it, whether they are mentally ready for that shift or not, how attached they are to the place that they are leaving, do they consider this as a good step in their life or career, or not. A person could be unwilling, unprepared, very attached to the place from which they are moving or be willing, prepared and moderately attached to the place. It does impact the well-being of the individual who is shifting from one city to another; the intensity and duration of the impact differs from one individual to another.

Here are some ways which will help you to take care of your well-being whilst moving to another city. These are –

  • Give a proper closure to the place from which you are moving out. You can throw a goodbye party for that place where you recall good memories and share with the people who spend them or your friend and family.
  • Make a plan or timeline from packing to settling down in a new place. For example, how to pack, how to move your stuff, where to live in a new place and other necessary things which are required to be planned before moving out. You can make a timeline on your phone or prepare sticky notes.
  • During the process of shifting from one place to another, don’t forget to take care of yourself by staying hydrated, getting proper sleep and eating healthy.
  • Set the time of taking a break and relaxation in between the schedule.
  • If the situation is getting overwhelming for you, first take care of yourself by spending time by doing things you like, go out for a walk or to have dinner, take deep breaths, talk to someone or take a day off.

These are some small tasks which will help you to be aware of your feelings, thoughts and how to tackle them. These are:

  •  You can write or draw about the way you are feeling and thinking about it.
  •  You can write down the possible challenges that you will face at a new place and possible ways to deal with it.  
  • You can write a farewell letter to the place you are moving away from. You can also write about the pros or cons of moving out to new places.
  • You plan about the things which you are excited to do in a new place that you are moving to.
  • You can write about the things which will help you feel calm and relaxed.
  • You can talk to the people who have shifted before and ask them about the challenges and changes they had faced and how they dealt with them.
  • Bring something to your new home in the memory of your old place.
  • Make plans with your loved ones. 
  • You can make a plan of visiting the favourite things in your old place in a few months or once a year.
  • Stay connected with the people virtually.
  • Indulge in things that make you happy in your old place.
  • When you move to a new place and are working on adjusting in the new environment, it will be challenging but make sure to explore the place to know about the things you might love to do at the new place, make new friends, join something new, and if you are feeling sad share it with your loved ones.

These are some ways which will help you to look after your mental well-being during the chaos and transaction of shifting. Remember that changes are challenging and it takes time to adjust to the changes in your life, give yourself time, care and support from adjusting to the city.

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