Self-awareness Is The Key To Self-improvement

Self-Awareness is an extremely essential trait that one should possess in life as it helps us to live each day with a positive and healthy outlook. As a fact, majority of people with some or the other mental health illness are also victims of low self-esteem. They downgrade their personality because they are not able to muster the courage to face the stigma that the society associates with mental health illness. But this at times even reaches its extreme peak and people give up on their lives as they no longer can fight with themselves.

What we make out of this is that realizing our worth holds lot of value and it boosts our confidence and inner strength. Self-awareness makes a person conscious of his emotions, feelings and action and then that person is easily able to assess himself, find out a way as to how to fix the problem and seek mental peace. Being self-aware is like a control button which makes you attentive to the fact that you need to calm and rest, take a step back and reach out to treatments that will help you overcome your anxiety, depression, stress disorder or anything. Basically, we should allow ourselves to have a clear and tolerant understanding of who we are.

When you are cognizant of who you are, you have an easier time coming to conclusions and making vital connections and discoveries. This allows a person not just to accept the reality about his mental health in a positive light and also let go of all the fears of society and its discernment. Mental health illness has always been looked down upon by the society because we tend to pay no heed to mental health in comparison to the importance we give to other physical health problems. In addition to this, the whole idea of shame and stigma is constructed within the dynamics of the society, and we are also conditioned to construe mental illness as baggage and burden.

For a person who is grappling to figure out his way to mental well-being, the constraints of the society leave him with huge amount of stress. Since man is a social animal, stress plays a vital part in our lives. It can be due to anything- work life, personal life, lifestyle and environment or even higher secondary board exams. It is slightly easy for some people to deal with stress that is associated with their work or personal life but for people who fall prey to constant mocking and humiliation by the society in which they live simply because of their mental illness, it becomes unbearable. They too can cope up from the stress and endure, but first they should be confident about their reality and not feel ashamed if they are trying to attain mental peace and well-being.

It is not something very strenuous. Being around positive energy and vibes, meditation to lighten your mind, indulging in conversation with closed ones to vent out emotions and going easy with criticism , that is all one needs to do.

Self-care and self-love is like nurturing a happy and healthy life and being at peace in all spheres of health- physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental. In spite, of all the past life hurdles and grievances it requires patience to take complete responsibility of your own well-being. It is a necessity to build a good social life so that being around people who love you and find comfort in you, can in return help you feel worthy and confident about yourself. Acceptance of the fact that one needs to progress towards a more healthy mental state alone can solve half of the inner conflicts because then people are ready to seek therapies which will improve their overall well-being.

Also, connecting with yourself is important. Learning about your mental health condition will make you more flexible around the idea that it is not your fault or something in your control. Checking in with yourself allows you the opportunity to evaluate where you are in your recovery and assess if you need any alteration in your treatment plan. Living with mental health condition can be taxing for a person, thus a person should feel content and satisfies with his own life only then he can lead a life without repents and regrets. Break the shackles that confine you from your happiness and make each day count because at the end of the line everything is transient except the healthy and peaceful life a person builds.

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