If life was as easy and free of struggle, apprehensions, worries and dilemmas after college as they make it look like, we wouldn’t have known great people who shared their struggle stories and have inspired us. And you know the faster we accept the fact that life is full of challenges the better it is for us to move ahead in life. At times when we face a problem in life, we should always take it up as a challenge and not burden. When we just thought that after finishing college we are free from all sorts of pressure, we weren’t actually aware of the complete picture. After all, you don’t know what life will bring to the table unless you yourself are there to witness it. After college, we have a number of milestones that we still have to reach in life. When we first enter the new phase of college life, we are relaxed and the pressure is comparatively less. We mostly get stressed out academically. But as this phase approaches an end, new things begin to stress us out. The biggest question that stares at us right in the face dauntingly is, “WHAT NEXT?” Some people have pre-planned their lives after college already, some in process of doing so and some are still confused. Always remember, just because you don’t have it all sorted like most others appear to, doesn’t mean that you give up. Keep on trying because getting a job is not easy and it is all about challenges that you take up. If you don’t get a job try somewhere else, do not sit idle because doing so will only make you feel hopeless and demotivated. Get up! Work for it. It is said that you can surpass any barrier in life if you have faith in yourself. And trust me; comparing yourself with others is not goinf to do much good anyway. The grass always seems greener on the other side. Sometimes, it looks like someone is being exposed to more opportunities in life than others but it is not about who got more opportunities and who didn’t, it is about how well you made use of that one opportunity you had. And you will meet people who will try to drag you down, but always be positive, accept your failures and learn from them. They say if one door gets closed there are 99 others that you can walk through. ONE STRESSOR AFTER ANOTHER Getting job is not the only concern in life after college. With job comes responsibility, which sounds hectic to us because we are not in a habit of doing so much but then that is how we learn. Taking care of the family and paying your bills and a lot more things get added to our to-do list. Now family pressure is a lot during this phase of life, sometimes they don’t like your work type or nature of work because they definitely want to see you get married in coming few years and so they want to see you settle down. And then comes the marriage phase, which brings a lot more responsibilities with it. WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT ALL? We cannot run away from any of the responsibilities we have , so it is always better to face them with patience and soon we tend to develop a habit to deal with what we initially called burden and now we call them the challenges of life. Also at this point in life we need to take decisions as well and our choices have an impact on other people’s life as well. So it is important to make a correct choice, and for that we have to maintain our calm. Sometimes we are in a situation where what we want, others might not like it, during that point of time we have to bold. People may not like it but it is you who has to walk down the path to success and not them. Always remember your correct choices will affect others but one wrong choice will affect you the whole life. But you know you shouldn’t stress out too much about these things. Just relax because these things will eventually happen and does happen to everyone. Initially it is a burden to us but slowly things start to settle and we no more feel stressed out, it becomes a part of our lives. But you should know that these are the challenges you have to face and you should be ready for them. There’s always something good, if we will only look for it. So be positive, hopeful, and confident and always give your 100%. Find a BUDDY to share all your problems with (even anonymously, if you want) on the FeelJoy Mobile App available for all Android users.  DOWNLOAD THE FEELJOY APP HERE.
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