Let’s Talk Beyond Depression And Anxiety

Mental health is a popular topic for studies and discussions all over the globe. Doctors and mental health professionals are working in this field to create mental health awareness but normal people like you and me are still finding this topic anew. Many people are suffering from various mental health disorders and problems which they are not even aware of. 

Problems like anxiety and depression are talked about more than other mental disorders because many people have discussed it and they have shared their experiences as well. As people are getting more and more comfortable to talk about it, more awareness is created. However, we still have a long way to go in order to normalize it. The condition of mental health in India is still in the developing phase. With an increase in mental health awareness campaigns, social workers, mental health professionals and doctors, a positive outcome has been observed in the country. However, lack of knowledge and awareness which is present in a large part of population is still a big problem for the future of mental health in India.

There are various mental health disorders which are a taboo today which we will discuss in this article.


Agoraphobia is a type of disorder in which people avoid places and situations that makes them feel trapped, helpless, embarrassed, panicked or scared. The exact cause of agoraphobia is unknown but several factors which can increase the risk are depression, other anxiety disorders, sexual abuse or family history. If you or someone around you is facing this, you must ask for professional help and find a solution to it as early as possible.

Borderline Personality Disorder

It is an illness which is marked by various mood swings, changing patterns of behavior and self-image. People suffering from it can experience problems in relationships because of the mood swings and changing patterns in behavior. Extreme episodes of anger, anxiety and feeling low are indicators of this illness. The exact causes are unknown but according to mental health professionals family history, environment, social and cultural factors can be the possible reasons.

Pregnancy and Postpartum Disorders

The relationship between mother and child is indeed the most beautiful relationship in the universe. Childbirth is one of the most precious experiences for any mother. Postpartum disorders are ignored widely all around the world. Postpartum mood swings are experienced by the new mothers. About 80% of new mothers experience this. Mood swings subside within a few days to weeks and is generally caused by changes in hormones.

Postpartum Depression

It is similar to depression but occurs only after childbirth. It can last up to a year and is considered less common than the mood swings after childbirth. The symptoms and signs are similar to clinical depression but the new mother feels anxious, irritable or more worried about the child’s health. Its causes are hormonal changes, stresses and situational risks. Other illnesses include Postpartum stress disorder in which a new mother can feel detachment, anxiety and sadness.

The Mental Health of Men

Men are always considered physically and emotionally strong by society. However, when our society gets divided by stereotypes, people forget that men and women both can suffer from all kinds of problems irrespective of their gender. If we look at the bigger picture, we can actually understand that because of these stereotypes, men are not able to express their emotions with full freedom and liberty. The main reason why men cannot express themselves is the society and the boundaries created by it. Mental health disorders are prevalent in both men and women but men suffer from them less than women. However, studies have shown that if men are suffering from a mental illness then they seek professional help less than women. Mental health illness can show different symptoms in men than in women such as irritability, anger, aggressiveness, difficulty in sleeping and changes in the behavior pattern. Men or women, each should receive basic treatment and professional help if they are suffering from any illness. If the treatment is started earlier then one can find professional solutions for them and have better quality of life.

Children’s Mental Health  

Children are one of the best gifts that parents can receive. Sometimes when children and adolescents are exposed to certain changes in their lives, they cannot cope with them and develop problems. Though not all children and adolescents develop mental health problems, some can experience changes in the behavior pattern, mood swings, tantrums, sadness and irritability because of the hormonal changes but if these symptoms persist for a long period of time, professional help should be considered. Physical health is as important as mental health. The physical health of children and adolescents should be well taken care of. They should be trusted and protected when they are around their parents and in their schools. A good environment must be provided to them. Generally, if children and adolescents are exposed to problems like sexual abuse, separation from their loved ones, over-protection, bullying, living in poverty or being homeless then there are increased chances of developing illnesses.

Most Common Mental Health Problems

  • Eating disorders

Eating disorders are more common in young adults. This can happen due to various changes in lifestyle and health. However, problems such as Anorexia, Bulimia and Bulimia Nervosa can have serious consequences on their overall health.

  • Depression

Depression is another big issue faced by children, adolescents and young adults all over the globe. Teenagers are most affected by depression. Positive thinking and professional help can help in the treatment.

  • Self-harm

In a large number of cases, when young adults are not able to express their emotional pain or anger, they resort to harming themselves. Be it children, young adults or teenagers, everybody can face problems in expressing themselves but self-harm is an alarming situation in which professional help is required.

People experience it after getting sexually abused, verbally abused, bullying or being a victim of violence. Getting flashbacks, changes in behavior and mood swings can be considered as some of the symptoms.

  • ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

Studies have shown that boys get affected more than girls in cases of ADHD. They have more difficulty in concentration and paying attention, and are considered as hyper-active. Mental wellness is as important as physical health. 

Maintaining positive mental health, asking for professional help when in need, going for therapy, loving yourself, caring for yourself, self coaching and prioritizing yourself does not make you a bad person. It is your duty to make yourself feel happy and loving.

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