Practicing Mindfulness Amidst Times of Uncertainty About the Future

We humans have a tendency of paying attention to aspects of our lives which we remain oblivious to, which are uncertain and unpredictable. We are constantly striving to acquire all the things that we want for our future. We are in desperate need to want to become aware of where we will be in a few months or some years, whether we will be academically or professionally successful and if we will or will not simply be happy within a period of time. All these possibilities lie in the future – a future which we can’t control or be sure of. It lies in the air of unpredictability defeating our sense of self every step of the way.

Now, the question may arise of how it defeats our sense of self? Imagine living your life based on the things that haven’t even happened? We are constantly preoccupied with the experiences we haven’t experienced or the emotions we haven’t felt yet but want to feel, forgetting what we are experiencing and feeling in the present moment. “Why don’t we pay enough attention to what we can do right now?” “What can we focus on right now?” “How do we feel in this moment?” “What are the experiences which bring us joy, sadness, alienation, anger etc. at this moment?” “Who are we in this moment?” “Are we happy with where we are and who we are?” There is rarely ever a time that we are purely mindful of our individual selves as it is currently, we need to keep questioning ourselves and who we are right now to evolve and contribute to a higher understanding of our internal world and external world. 

When we’re able to practice mindfulness – which is, to simply be in your experience and emotions as they are now is when we’re able to step into a cycle of growth leading to unstoppable evolving.

The present plays a huge role in the way our future will eventually unfold so to merely think on how you’d want your future to be like isn’t sufficient, rather doing what you can right now is a way to build on your future as you go along. We speak about self-awareness and self-reflection – the two most important abilities to have as humans, and these values can only be inherited and truly acted upon when we are willingly accepting who we are right now and what we want to do right now. 

Mindfulness goes beyond the spectrum of just being in the present moment, it drastically focuses upon one’s ability to be close to their consciousness, to be able to decipher the meaning behind their feelings, to welcome their thoughts and feelings as they are to stay close to them – when we stay close to our consciousness is when we become more competent and self-aware. We are able to live our lives based on who we are, eventually working towards building ourselves each day welcoming a new set of experiences and emotions. 

The pandemic has brought immense amounts of uncertainty. The lack of interpersonal contact with another and increase in the feelings of loneliness has only hampered our growth in so many ways – but the one question which arises here: “We can’t change the situation right now but what can we do with the situation we are in right now?” “How can we feel better in this moment?” “How can we stay connected to ourselves and others?” To constantly repeat the cycle of being intensively preoccupied with events you can’t control or are unaware of is like putting yourself through a wide range of places you had no intention of being in, just lost and confused. You can make the choice of focusing on the things you can do and simply to just let yourself be. 

Let yourself be. 

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