Why is Mental Wellness Important?

Being a human, supposedly the most intelligent species there is in the entire universe comes with cons that we all tend to overlook; yet all these characteristics define who we are, one such being the aspect of ours to question everything. All of us act skeptically and are objectively always trying to find advantages in every other thing we do.

What is the importance of mental wellness?

This is one such query which we generally ask ourselves in our lone company. We often feel that being mentally not-so-well won’t give out any symptoms like general illness, so why bother ourselves and our dear ones with this issue? Why is there a need for us to always keep our minds ventilated? Why do we need to let go of feelings? What is so ecstatic about having good mental health? Will it change the way we feel?

Let me share with you all to a recent incident I faced so as to cure some of these queries and provide you with more to think through positively. I was going through certain NGO descriptions and stepped upon a comment which goes as- “I want to donate my organs because I want to die. I want to donate my organs after I am dead.” It seriously at first made no sense to me and I generally acknowledged it as crap. Yet a part of me kept thinking and I felt bad about this person and this stuck me as a case of how mental disorders act out. You might be thinking that it is going to be fine or that it is not taking any kind of toll on my sanity or anything but this proves you wrong. This is exactly why we need to focus upon mental awareness and wellbeing.

Take a look at certain points worthy to be termed as the doors towards understanding what importance mental wellness holds-

That Sage Aura- We always admire those with that marvellous aura of positivity and knowledge. It does not matter whether the person is related or not just being with them feels great and soothing. A good mental health assures you of such lingering aura. When your mind is at peace your heart and soul reflects the calmness as positive vibes which attracts people and good will towards you.

Physical Health Mental and physical health are strongly bound to each other. Mentally stable people holds advantage over their bodies as well. They tend to exhaust slowly and gradually penetrate out of tough situations and heavy work.

Control Over Emotions- A firm grip over emotions is one thing we all desire for. Patience comes as a bonus with a healthy mental state. Frustration, anger and emotional breakdown due to very insignificant issues can be reverted back with a good control over emotions. Many a times in our lives we need a very rational approach to handle situations and at such points emotional control is critical. No doubt we can’t turn our feelings off and these are what makes us humans yet a control over such a powerful facet is recommended.

We lose our own self while letting volatile demons take control of our mind. A small tiff, change, a sudden pitfall, a step backward or a wobbled life position can make us vulnerable beyond what is necessary. Mental wellness helps us overcome many such attributes which make our lives troublesome.

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