Pattern Un-pattern by Akshay Dhawan

Puzzled Art Print by forlovelybones
A human being,
Seems so simple to the face,
With not so simple things in his mind.
Somewhat like a rubic’s cube.
Someday it’s easier to solve, 
Just one or two sides of it, 
But still it won’t be solved on the rest.
Just as if we don’t know,
The perfect algorithm,
In the time it’s needed,
To be solved.
We might be able to solve 
But some will take less time 
Some more.
Cause as we say 
Not everyone is familiar
With the pattern of it
As of our own lives.
Each one of us will have 
Different understanding of 
The same patterns of life.
So instead of looking for the 
Perfect knowledge of it.
Look at the pattern
Try to solve
Each part a little more 
It doesn’t mean if you are 
Stuck somewhere you have to 
Start from there only,
It’s perfectly normal 
To start from scratch 
As that will make you 
Recognise your patterns more 

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