I’ll Find A Place

-Vinayana Khurrana

 I'll find a place,
Over the mountains,
Across the sea,

Where there's no worries,
Of what maybe,

I'll find a place,
Where everything is at peace,

I'll find a place,
Away from this disease,

I'll find a place,
Where you belong,
With me,

Where there's love,
And safety,

Where there's a reason,
For tomorrow,

I'll find a place,
That nobody's ever seen,
The wish for revenge,
And destruction of families,

I'll find a place,
Where we won't have the virus,
Where everything lives in harmony for sure

About the author –

Vinayana Khurana has completed masters in English literature from Delhi University. She is a young women with Cerebral Palsy but that is not her identity. She’s a writer and a poet. Writing is her passion, and she can be called as a writer without a pen. She has also written about the topic of disability on various platforms like Youth ki Awaaz, Campus Vibe,s and Inclov. She also writes her views on various issues on her own blog, named Vinayana’s world. She has a published book of poems by the same name. Recently, she has published an Ebook of short stories on Amazon Kindle. She has spoken on various national conferences, one of them was organized by CBM, who are working towards building an inclusive world. These conferences dealt with topics of inclusion and accessibility. She has also been in the radio show hosted by All India Radio, on disability and inclusion.

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