One day my soul asked my body

By Eti Sharma

One day my soul asked my body,
Why are the threads holding your heart and head are this knotty?
I can understand how heavy your heart weighs,
Don't blame yourself as it's fine not being okay.
In the middle of the complex crossroads when vision fails its way,
Don't run from your anxiety and never keep your emotions away.
Never give up and mold negative thoughts into positive as the clay,
Just reach out to the people who care, share and stay.
For all those who have been mislead and say,
Mental health? It's all in your head.
How one can feel like dying when not dead?
Stop thinking about it too much, stop being sad instead,
Mental illness feels like life's silk being unthread,
When you are no more what you say but what is unsaid?
Don't feel bonded with anxiety and stress rather try feeling free,
Every time happiness is locked away, remember you are the key.
Don't lose hope darlin'! Flower beds will be on your knee,
Stay strong, fight back and you'll realise there is nothing but the glee.
Be patient as in one day, seeds do not grow into a tree,
Nothing is impossible as shells can be found even in deep sea.
Don't think suffering from mental illness makes you weak,
Eat well, keep in touch, ask for help and speak.
In uncertain ups and downs of life it's okay if it's not the peak,
During this time a lot of people can become your critique,
It can taste bitter now but trust me it's going to be sweet.

About the author –

I am a teenager who loves writing. Being a very cheerful and positive person, I try to value each and every day of my life and I believe that mental health has been one of those topics which need to be talked about and discussed more. Many people around me are suffering from some kind of anxiety ,stress or depression. I’ve come across people who know nothing about mental health making statements like “Mental illness is in someone’s head”, “going to a psychiatrist is such a shame”, “a person suffering from mental illness is mad” and it breaks my heart. I wrote this poem to mention the most important thing i.e. those who are suffering from mental illness are not weak. It’s not the end. Life was, is and will always be beautiful. If one is feeling like it’s empty, just know that the most colourful paintings are drawn on blank canvas. It’s ok to not be ok, stay strong and fight back.

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