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About the product “The future is certainly renewable but are we too late to prevent future centuries?” We are living in an era where everything in our lifestyle adds to environmental degradation. In a time where perfect bodies, products, and brands have given a new face to fashion, people are thriving to earn these as their achievements. Little do they realise, it is nowhere near to any benefits to our environment. Nevertheless, what if in these times we switch to something sustainable? Fashion and textile industry is notoriously famous as one of the major causes of pollution worldwide, but there is still hope when brands choose sustainable design, even if at niche level, to develop utilitarian products that not only promote environmental care but also positivism and self-care. We bring to you routine items that are not just environment friendly but are also pleasing to the eye! The frequently used items being tote bag, pouch, minimalist wallet, and banner come in a unique and interesting look. The gradient of mustard, a given of cork leather, gives an elegant look to the products while the fun illustrations attracts the eyes! Cork is a renewable resource because of the way of extraction. The tree renews itself, making cork a natural, recyclable, and environmentally friendly product. The look you get is unique and aesthetically pleasing, without compromising on the quality. Use of cork leather, makes the products lighter and yet has a high tensile strength. The production process starts with sourcing the material, which in this case is Cork Leather. Based on the required style and size, a paper pattern be prepared, which is to sample the product and see it in 3D. Once that pattern approves, the panels are sent for screen-printing to transfer the design onto the Cork’s surface. These printed panels be cut as per the approved pattern and are stitched to make the final product. About the Manufacturer Mrittika is an Indian fashion accessories brand of RuMi Craft LLP that aims to provide its clientèle with products exhibiting an elevated aesthetic, made with authentic hand-crafted fabrics and leather alternatives, while working directly with a myriad of craft clusters in India, with emphasis on fair pay, sustainability, social conscience, and transparency. Mrittika’s goal is to be recognised and revered among both customers, as well as crafts persons as a socially conscious, transparent, and sustainable brand that is making a difference in the Indian handloom and hand-crafted textile sector through its efforts. Environmental care and self-care is what the company believes in as they try to prove when ideas of sustainability add to design development, the satisfaction from this little act of environmental care can be euphoric! Through their utilitarian products, they wish to promote positivism, self-care, and environmental-care. They strongly believe that processing of animal-based leather harms the environment and have thus come up with an alternative, which is not only renewable, recyclable, and environment friendly but is also unique and aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, in a mechanised world full of synthetic products, Mrittika’s products aim to remind its customers of their roots! About our Illustrator Sky is an illustrator, also known as an enthusiast and a healing soul for her emotional illustrations, ‘with a pinch of salt’! The illustrations are the output of a life lover, troubled soul, positive spirit and a creative mind in self-discovery. She aims to move a soul with her positivity and brightness imparted illustrations or is simply content with someone being amused seeing the illustrations. With her moving words and fun (yet profound) illustrations, she attracts people towards the idea of self-empowerment, self-care, self-love, and self-worth! Learning from her life experiences, she wishes to make a change through her eye-catching illustrations. About FeelJoy FeelJoy aims to promote self-leadership be it through their posts on social media or through a team that is there for you when you feel anxious, low self-esteem, or other mental health related issues. It aims on providing the masses with affordable and accessible mental health services. It not only provides a space for people in need but also appreciates participation by people to help others. Even through their products, they wish to spread the idea of sustainability and environment-care. Hence, the team also deals with closely related aspects of self-leadership. They wish to inspire people to lead a happy and stress-free life. Find a BUDDY to share all your problems with (even anonymously, if you want) on the FeelJoy Mobile App available for all Android users.  DOWNLOAD THE FEELJOY APP HERE.
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