How Do I Work On My Low Self –worth?

“A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval” -MARK TWAIN.

It is very well quoted by Mark Twain that one’s approval is imperative to lead a comfortable life. Taking it in terms of self, one should be convinced of one’s own image/value to lead a satisfied life. The sense of one’s value i.e self-worth is a crucial aspect of one’s life. Self-worth also involves a variety of beliefs about oneself in terms of appearance, behavior, performance, beliefs, etc. A person needs to understand the necessity of high self- worth for a peaceful and healthy living.


Low self-worth is characterized by a feeling of incompetence and a lack of confidence. People with low self-worth feel unlovable and tend to see rejection and guilt in every act. None of us are born perfect, no one can excel in every field of life. Life is too short to spend it criticizing yourself or others and living an unhappy and unsatisfied life. We should accept the fact we all have specific weak points and strong points.

Low self-worth does no good to us, rather has many negative effects on other aspects of our life. One’s evaluation of oneself has a profound impact on the choices one makes. These individuals lack self-value and make decisions that may not be competent to their ability. They might be surrounded by a lot negativity. Such people often devalue themselves and are at a risk of not being able to fulfill their true potential in life.

Also, they are ridden by inferiority complexes and see themselves at a slower pace in comparison to others. In intense situations, where one isn’t able to come out of such complex of low self-value, they are even at risk of developing psychological disorders such as mood disorders, sleeping and eating disorders, anxiety disorders, etc. Such individuals do not take care of themselves which is detrimental to all other aspects of their life.


It is very necessary for people with low self-worth to come out of it to lead a healthy lifestyle. The effect it has on an individual’s mental health cannot be ignored and thus needs to be worked on. To work on this problem, we should be aware of the common reasons behind such complex to be able to suggest potential solutions.

Some common reasons are listed below:

  • Poor academic performance.
  • Confrontation with a high number of failures.
  • Criticism by others.
  • Unhappy childhood.
  • Psychological disorders.
  • Stressors.

Keeping in mind these common reasons, the following ways can be suggested to deal with low self –worth:

  • Self- Awareness: To be able to deal with a problem related to self, one should be self-aware. He should know and learn to accept both his strengths and weaknesses and should also be warned to be careful with the weak points and learn to accept things that are beyond his/her control to avoid the feelings of disgust or repentance.
  • Self-Love and Self-Care: Taking care of oneself or pampering oneself once in a while is imperative for mental wellness. One should do what pleases their heart as well as body and make sure their feelings and emotions aren’t hurt by any of their decisions or acts.
  • Healthy Coping Mechanisms: Coping, which is a situation-specific response to a problem involves spontaneous decisions or acts to avoid any kind of harm to self-worth. For instance, one can disagree to do a certain task which is very difficult for him and failure in which would leave him full of guilt and low self-confidence.
  • Emitting Negative Thoughts: The most effective solution to deal with low self-worth is to throw out negative thoughts from the mind which would ultimately take out bad views or thoughts about oneself and bring in positive thoughts.

Seeking a Counsellor:  In an intense situation, where no solutions seem to be helpful, one can visit a counselor. They are experts in their fields and help one deal with his problem step by step, using the required techniques.

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