Five Things To Tell Yourself When You Feel Like A Failure

There are various moments in life where we don’t get what we want and that’s one of the things which most of us struggle to make peace with. It becomes a never-ending cycle of resenting yourself for all the things you couldn’t achieve regardless of how passionate you were about it. When we face a failure, we automatically take a step back from our goals thinking what’s the point?”, almost confirming that we’re unworthy and incapable of genuinely living our purpose, and that’s exactly when we turn in the wrong direction – the direction in which we hate ourselves, and show as little compassion towards ourselves as we can. 

What we fail to acknowledge is the idea of perceiving our failures in a different light, to see them not as “failures” but as an opportunity and potential for growth, the potential to be even better versions of ourselves and the potential to strive for greatness within ourselves. We get demotivated when we fail at something but imagine living your life in accordance to when you take a step forward instead of a step backwards every time, you’re almost close, but not close enough to your purpose – imagine, feeling exhilarated to do better. Every rejection and failure are a lesson, there’s always a lesson in there somewhere and it’s our responsibility to look for it, to genuinely dive deeper into what it taught us and why it was possibly not meant for us. As and when we consciously make the effort to understand ourselves, our perception towards how we see negative and painful situations in our life intentionally takes a U-turn, finally taking us on a path which is solely meant for us. 

Five things to tell yourself when you feel like a failure:

  • Don’t compare yourself to others. Our first instinct when we fail at something is to jump into the pattern of comparing ourselves to other people. This could be in terms of how much they’ve achieved, and how far they’ve come. However, right when you’re about to dive into the resentful act of comparing, remind yourself on how every person is different, and how each of us has a different way of going about life as we have different values and a different purpose, and regardless of how much your parents or your friends have achieved, it in no way makes you less than them. Each of us have a different pace at which we grow and strive to be better versions of ourselves, and the speed with which you do things or the amount of pressure you take isn’t what defines you, in fact what really matters is how compassionately and proudly you perceive and value that growth within you every single day. 
  • Remind yourself of the discomfort you experienced in previous painful situations and how you had/have the ability to stay in that discomfort and handle it compassionately – “I’ve overcome tough things before, I can do it again”. 
  • Often, when we fail at one thing, we tend to generalize the idea of how we’ll fail at everything else too. This however, is not true. Every time you’re struck with a similar thought, remind yourself of all the times you succeeded, remind yourself of how passionate you are, remind yourself of how capable and worthy you are despite the failures you’ve faced. To appreciate other parts of your life, to practice gratitude will help you look at your failures with acceptance and grace rather than with resentment.

Failures are never-ending, each one of us are going to come across them, regardless of how big or small they are but despite that what’s most important is how we choose to perceive those failures and how we treat ourselves amidst our failures – that’s what will make an impact and have an influence on the people we will become as we keep growing every single day. 

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12 thoughts on “Five Things To Tell Yourself When You Feel Like A Failure

  1. This is really a good blog and some of the things conveyed through it are really the solutions to the problems that we face in our day to day life such as certain failures and all i really appreciate this blog content.

  2. This blog is really having a great content which help people to improve there life balance through certain steps and makes a person more confident in finding the solutions to our day to day life problems.

  3. The article was very well written and the point i agree most to or can relate to is the negative vibe or what one experiences when we start comparing ourseleves with others without even realising that our goals dont even match then why should our path match.

  4. I came to know so much about how to overcome failures through this article. This motivated me to a good extent. Everyone should read it once.
    Its an amazing article.

  5. ‘Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.’ These kind ah words keep us going, thank you for the awesome post.

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