How do I get high on life? Do I need drugs or alcohol for the kick?

Many a times in our life we feel this urge to do something new, something out of the box, something that will make us forget about all our troubles, something that will make our otherworldly musings seem attainable. This urge often leads one towards a path of recklessness and danger, often confused with adventure and pleasure. Let us help you delimit the context. We use phrases like ‘I seriously want to get high’ or ‘I hope I could just get drunk enough’ even when we don’t actually mean so. This practically frames how our brains generally relate to ‘getting high’. “Getting high” usually is taken as using drugs, alcohol and other such intoxicants in order to precisely achieve that so-called “euphoric sensation.” These prevalent misconceptions regarding the intended meaning of getting high or having a kick in one’s austere life thereupon lead one into a vicious world of drugs and intoxicants. What does Substance Abuse mean? According to World Health Organization (WHO), substance abuse refers to the harmful or hazardous use of psychoactive substances, including alcohol and illicit drugs. Misuse or excessive intake of any kind of drug, medication or intoxicant can be referred to as substance abuse. When surrounded by anxiety, sadness, stagnancy or any other mixture of such inconveniently uncomfortable feelings people pursue the route that seems the easiest. If only they know what meets the eye is not always right. How substance abuse ruins one’s life? Getting embraced by such addiction holds innumerable amount of backdrops. The ones involved in such addiction start losing connections with the real word. To these people, things necessary for a healthy lifestyle start holding seemingly fickle importance and this paves the way towards a degraded lifestyle. What makes the situation worse is the fact that all this while this single person is inflicting harm not only upon himself but also indirectly upon numerous others be it family, friends or colleagues. Importance of availability of the intoxicant starts ascending violently. One begins to lose concentration in their work and whatever is necessary at that phase of life disband under this urge of supposedly ‘getting high’. At this instance the order of life starts disintegrating, leaving eternal marks on one’s timeline. As this has a strong impact on one’s emotions, hormones, and mental health, the person starts experiencing other disorienting features in their lifestyle. People start remaining constantly irritated or sad. When such a phase prolongs in one’s life it becomes quite burdensome for the people related to them. Hence, begins the phase where the person starts failing in all of his/her relationships, whether social or emotional. This ticking bomb doesn’t stop here, depending upon the severity and duration; the effects worsen and in most cases turn out to be life changing. For how long a person is going to continue without any professional or emotional support is a very important aspect which decides the effects of substance abuse. Some effects of substance abuse can be entailed as- · Development of certain types of chronic diseases. · Loss of job. · Financial problems. · Disorders pertaining to mental health. · Malnutrition. · Hindered immune system. · Heart problems. · Damage to vital organs. · Exposure to deathly viruses, including HIV and hepatitis. · Seizures. · Self-harm and Suicidal ideation. · Demise of meaningful relationships. · Loss of child custody. · Irreversible cognitive damage. How to genuinely get high on life without using drugs or alcohol? If you seriously are worrying or doubting the fact about how to achieve that level of satisfaction or happiness from your life without consuming intoxicants, then answer a few questions. Who said without alcohol you can’t have fun? What implies that people who don’t drink, smoke or consume intoxicants are experiencing any less entertainment? What supports the fact that intoxicant consumptions make you super-duper happy? NOTHING! Seriously nothing proves so. Such baseless misconceptions don’t even have a source to begin investigation with. All that is different in between enjoying without intoxicants is the fact that we are not losing our senses and are actually enjoying. All you need to do to get high, to receive that kick from your life is to enjoy yourself and celebrate your being. Ways in which you can get high on life, in case you slipped the connection are- Enjoy Yourself – First things first. You can never achieve that ecstasy you desire if you don’t love, celebrate or accept yourself, your emotions, and your persona. Everything else comes second to ‘you’ when we talk about ‘your’ happiness and satisfaction. Travel – When you travel whether in a group or alone you get to know a lot about yourself and others. A distinct adrenaline rush captures your mind when you travel and this experience of knowing some other place, something not everyone around you is a part of is always adventurous and exciting. Travelling helps you unwind your mind from your regular schedule which always is entertaining. Stay Home and Enjoy – Doing what you feel most comfortable and relaxed in, is the best way of having fun. You can just organize a get-together at home, maybe help your mom cook, clean up your house, and dismantle the old block of books and belongings you never throw out or read out your old diary again. There are endless ways of having fun at home by yourself or with those ‘never going to leave you alone’ group of friends and loved ones. Enhancing Your Hobbies – Who would want to miss out that rare opportunity of working out on your hobby? Just sit by the window and read that whole load of novels you stacked, complete those watch later and saved series, dramas and movies, paint that master piece, write an autobiography, practice your fingers on that long forgotten guitar or piano maybe try a new beat on it. There is always a lot to explore, a lot to enjoy; we just miss these instances trying to achieve a big kick from life. Good Deeds Never Fail You – Having fun or enjoying yourself does not always means dancing until your heels ache or that you should be the centre of it. Yes! Indeed the one who is experiencing that euphoria is you but there can be someone else benefiting from it too. Making someone else smile bestows a spark in you which is better than any other feeling in this world. That smile on the other person’s face is the epitome of that feeling of getting high. Your Own Eccentric Way Out – Every individual is different and so is their definition of ‘getting high’. Maybe for you ‘kick’ is all about experiencing the deadliest of all ride in the amusement park, maybe sitting next to the window and experiencing that cold wind nuzzle your face is ‘getting high’, the arms of the one you love or going around eating the most unusual combinations. I can go on and on and you do know your own peculiar interest. Thrive upon your uniqueness and you will have the best memories of ‘getting high on life’. Getting high is not about knocking your senses out and passing out in the party after consumption of that deadly combination of ten different types of drinks and drugs. It is all about getting high on life with your senses up, your knowledge thriving and your heart chanting the rhyme of life. Find a BUDDY to share all your problems with (even anonymously, if you want) on the FeelJoy Mobile App available for all Android users.  DOWNLOAD THE FEELJOY APP HERE.
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