Recovery Is A Slow Process

Recovery is the return to a normal state of health and mind. When the healing process starts, recovery finds its way. Recovery is a slow process because our mind is a machine and by the word machine we mean that our mind has this amazing memory, and power to create and to destroy. Our mind starts working from the day we are born and will only stop when we die. So, in order to recover from certain events it takes time and a lot of patience. Maintaining mental health is very important due to various reasons such as dealing with the chaos of the world, those deadlines, extra hours at the office for that bonus, attending those extra classes for scoring better, etc. and all this is managed by our mind. Therefore, it is very common to suffer from various mental health problems and we all can heal as well as recover from them if we have patience.

Types Of Recovery

The two types of recovery are clinical recovery and personal recovery.

  • Clinical recovery – This type of recovery refers to the one when you are undergoing professional treatment. Your doctor or health professional confirms that you have recovered clinically when your symptoms are gone completely.
  • Personal recovery – This type of recovery is completely defined by you and your experience. When you start to live a meaningful life and have no fears from the past, present or future then we say that you have recovered successfully and have learnt how to apply healthy coping mechanisms to heal. Recovery as a process has a wider spectrum and it is totally in your hands to recover from any illness. We take professional help and treatment but it will benefit us only when we will allow it to do so.

Recovery Process

Recovery is a long process which takes time and will surely benefit you. The process of recovery begins with diagnosis of the disease and moving further with the treatment plan. A beneficial recovery process includes medication, therapy and constant support from your loved ones. Other factors which contribute in the recovery process are a balanced diet, exercise, proper sleep cycle, etc. Opportunities like volunteer activities, clubhouses and centers supporting something meaningful can also contribute in your recovery process. You still can experience symptoms even after recovery. Hence, your recovery process depends upon you. You have to work for yourself and your betterment.

Facts and Myths About Recovery

  • Mental health problems are treatable. We all have heard this myth that mental health problems are not treatable but actually it is a fact that they are treatable when good care is taken and professional treatment is given to the people who are suffering from it. Recovery rates are also increasing.
  • It is a fact that not enough people seek help when they need it. Around the world, about 65% of the population experiences the symptoms of mental health problems but do not seek help or any treatment for it. According to a survey, more women ask for professional help than men. Hence, recovery rates are higher in women than in men.
  • You cannot and should not ignore your mental health if you wish to truly recover. We hear things like cheer up, move on or calm down when we experience certain events but we believe that mental illnesses should be treated properly with care and professional support for successful recovery.
  • Mental health is as important as physical health and they’re interdependent. It is a myth that your mental health will not affect your physical health. However, it is a fact that your overall health is immensely affected when you are suffering from mental health problems. Hence, it is advised to take professional help.
  • It is a fact that when medication is properly consumed as prescribed, and if proper therapy is provided, then recovery rates increase in almost all mental health problems.
  • You don’t have to be extremely sick to get help. If you are suffering from mild to moderate symptoms then also you should seek professional help so that you recover faster.
  • It is a fact that most people with mental health problems are not hospitalised. Proper care and treatment from the doctor or a health professional helps you to recover faster.
  • Most people suffering from mental health problems can work and this is a fact. We hear various myths that you cannot work according to your schedule or plans but that is not true. Hence, you can start your treatment without any fear so that your recovery is as fast as possible.

What Can Help Me Start My Recovery Journey?

  • Hope – Hope for living a better life which is free from your problems or having dreams and hopes has a significant role in your recovery process. Reading about recovery or joining a support group can give hope and fasten your recovery process.
  • Acceptance – Accepting the truth about your illness and life eases the treatment for you. Acceptance helps you to make realistic goals and makes positive changes to your life.
  • Control – Taking the driving seat of your life and controlling it yourself makes a significant change in your life and it may create a positive approach in your life, too.
  • Stability – Having stability in your life, thoughts, emotions, finances, etc. creates a positive environment in your mind and life. Hence, the process of recovery is favoured.
  • Relationships – Having people in your life who support you and affect your life positively are a blessing. Having healthy relationships favours your recovery process.
  • Lifestyle – Your lifestyle is a reflection of who you actually are. Hence, having a healthy lifestyle improves and favours your recovery.
  • Support groups – Volunteer for organizations or joining the support groups can give you a positive mindset which favours your recovery.
  • Maintaining a journal – Writing about your mood swings and observing your thoughts by writing it in a diary can give you a clear idea about your thoughts and emotions.

At last all we can say, “Recovery is a battle. A daily battle. Just keep fighting, just hold on and slowly the battles will get easier.” Hence, we agree that recovery is a slow process but with patience and vision, you can achieve it.

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