Steps To Improve Emotional Health

Everyone comes across overwhelming emotions in their lives at some point and it can waver from anger to guilt, love to sadness or inferiority to resentfulness. It can literally be anywhere in between the blur lines of these emotions and can affect you at any moment. Minds are tamed brutes. We order them to do tasks and when the presence of leash becomes customary they break free and attack. Emotional wellbeing is about how swiftly you can let your emotions out before they start bugging the insides of your head. Emotional wellbeing is something which is of utmost importance for productive work, however people often neglect it and shut their feelings within themselves for the fear of getting judged and getting their feelings hurt by further ill treatment of their emotions. Nowadays emotional health is seen in a new light. Emotions are no longer considered of fickle importance or something that can be forced inside with the blink of an eye. Researches show how well physical, mental and emotional health are connected to each other; neglecting one of these means inflicting harm upon all the others whether direct or indirect. To overcome bad emotional health and progress towards positive mental health one can take note of many ways. Out of those some are listed below- 1. Know what the actual issue is- First task is of acknowledging and knowing what exactly is causing you the trouble. Knowing yourself should be the first step towards a good mental, physical or emotional health. Only by knowing the problem and accepting you further can conquer it. 2. Be open and vocal about your feelings- Many people find it difficult to share how they feel and what situation they are in. Eventually holding up their emotions (which they consider to be an insignificant downtime) seems like the best way out. Not relying upon anyone makes one further dwell onto feelings of loneliness and isolation. By being vocal of own feelings one can achieve the feeling of being cared for. ‘Care’ even though is a small usual feeling; do wonder when provided to a person with need of it. Knowing and recognizing that someone backs you, you start leading on a positive path. Feeling cared for makes you set goals so as to show your compassion to your loved ones and helps you in growing as a person. 3. EAT.SLEEP.DRINK.WORK AND REPEAT – What we often miss is the fact that physical, mental and emotional health is interconnected and focusing upon one will do no good. For achieving good emotional health one also need to focus on their physical and mental health. Eating healthy helps your body to retain nutrients and keep functioning properly. It is necessary so that you achieve a healthy body and don’t feel spent up every time you work. Drinking water and keeping yourself hydrated is of utmost importance if you want to take care of your health. This keeps away crankiness and other physical disorders too. Sleep is NECESSARY. You can never do well by continuously skipping the bed schedule and pushing your limits. Rest is important and so is taking time out for it. According to research you can go without food for weeks but without sleep you cannot even survive more than 9 days. Work! Yes you need to work. Idle mind is devil’s workshop; even devil is working when you are not! Get up and work. spending days off is of no use, recreation is different but sitting idle without doing anything progressive will only give you more time and excuses to degrade your mental and emotional health. 4. Hobby time is healthy time – For good emotional and mental health you need to relax and recreate. Get yourself indulged in a hobby. It can be anything from dancing to gardening and reading or maybe basking on the beach. Hobbies help you rewind and attach your anxiety and negative thoughts out drawing, singing, writing etc. also helps you in getting your inner feelings out. 5. Disown those fallen angels – They made you live one of the most beautiful moments of your life? They helped you in your difficult times? They always stood by your side? Well! Even if they did so the fact is that ‘they’ are no longer here. ‘They’ are NOT helping you in any possible way at the moment. Whether family, friends or lovers; relationship is a relationship which needs the input from both sides and they do fall. Accepting the truth the way it is and allowing yourself to let go and move forward, is the best way out of such sticky situations. Degrading your mental and emotional health will do no good and will only cause harm to you and your loved ones. Stop dwelling upon the past and start living in the present. 6. Believe in yourself. Accept yourself – “Look in the mirror. You are now looking at the person responsible for your happiness.” — Charles Orlando. Focus upon believing in yourself. No one possesses any power in this world than you don’t. All you need to do is accepting yourself and taking control of your feelings. With acceptance comes confidence and emotional wellbeing. Acceptance always helps you move forward. Realize how easy it is to skip one step which can lead you towards the fall and work towards it. Emotional wellbeing deals with how you can keep your mind and thoughts clear of negative aura lingering around you. Everyone come across negative situations and emotions, it is up to the person to know how to be optimistic. Only a strong will to overcome the messy cobweb of emotions which leads to massive destruction of a persona can actually show positive changes in one’s emotional health. Emotional wellbeing cannot be achieved in a single day but the change in you can appear within a split second. Continue to work towards a positive life. No one ever becomes immune of emotional issues. You need to keep working and balancing all the aspects of your life throughout your life to attain emotional wellbeing. Continue to put in efforts. You lead your life. You set your destiny. Find a BUDDY to share all your problems with (even anonymously, if you want) on the FeelJoy Mobile App available for all Android users.  DOWNLOAD THE FEELJOY APP HERE.
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