Focus On Positive Emotions Instead Of Negative Ones

Getting up every day with negative thoughts can burden an individual both physically and mentally. As humans, we are bound to have negative thoughts. Just like how a snowball grows in size when it is rolling down a hill, negative thoughts too, become stronger. The more you give in to them, the stronger they become. The negativity that dwells within you or in your general surroundings can immediately get toxic and deter you from your daily work.

You can prepare your mind to dismiss this conduct. A positive attitude can give you more certainty, improve your mental health, and even lessen the probability of emotional pressure, for example, hypertension, depression and other stress-related problems.

Try to focus on positive emotions instead of negative ones. But how?

  • The first step is to identify these emotions:

Find the root cause of this imbalance; you need to recognize the negative emotions, and you need to try to step back from them. Remember the negative thoughts are not the reality. The problem is not that we go through negative emotions. The problem is that we dwell on them, and we underestimate ourselves. (We believe that we are not strong enough to tackle these emotions) The anxiety of something that may never happen grapples us and stops us from growing. 

  • We amplify the negative parts of a circumstance and channel out all of the positive ones.

We blame either our fate, or ourselves. We always anticipate the worst. We go on extreme levels; it is either perfection or failure. There is no middle way. Accepting life as an on-going process with vicissitudes relieves us from a great deal of mental burden. 

  • Kick start your day with some positivity: 

Read positive affirmations, quotes and stories. You unconsciously carry the emotion that you felt in the morning, even if you feel emotionally exhausted, make sure to listen to some positive affirmations. Post little notes on the mirror, refrigerator or anywhere accessible to remind you of your positive attitude. Start your day with some exercise and meditation. It will provide a channel for all the emotions that weigh you down. 

  • Focus on the good stuff

Focus on the little things that make you happy, however small they seem. When you face a challenge, centre on the advantages, regardless of how slight or insignificant they appear.

  • Environment:  

A healthy and happy environment will cultivate healthy-coping mechanism. Keeping things to yourself can intensify your predicament. Talk to someone who understands and supports you. Sometimes you need help, and it is okay to ask for help. Remove all kind of toxic attitudes. Being in the company of people we love uplifts our mood. 

  • Gratitude:

Negative emotions regularly spin around the thing that is not right in your life. Your attention is directed to the wrong things in your life. The constant focus aggravates and overstates the alleged negative part of life. We start to lose touch with ourselves. Listing things that you are grateful for and that make you happy, can divert your mind. Notice the rights in the situation instead of ruminating on the wrongs. 

  • Meditation:

Mindful meditation reduces stress and helps you gather your thoughts. Meditating also gives you a more extensive outlook on life. It helps you build resilience.

  • Question your questions:

Counter-questioning will help you rationalise your thoughts, and it will give you a new perspective. Remember, no one is perfect, and people make mistakes. Your mistakes do not define you. Take control of your actions. Do not wait for people to make you happy. People cannot uplift your mood. It is on you. You have the power to feel things the way you want. Do not allow people to exploit this power.

  • Focus on the present:

Past is gone, and your future is yet to come. What you have is the present. Instead of clinging to our mistakes, turn your mistakes into lessons. 

  • Smile:

Look at yourself in the mirror and smile. Find humour in the darkest situations. Smiling can subconsciously relieve your stress. 

A little activity that can help you in developing a positive attitude:

  • Maintain a journal and fill it every day.

List the things that made or makes you happy and the things that troubled you. When faced with a challenge, read the things that make you smile, and try to find solutions to your challenges, using the positive side. It is okay to go through negative emotions. It is a part of life.

  • Change your vocabulary;

It is incredible to have the drive to progress. However, keeping unrealistically high expectations can have a negative effect. When your ‘real’ self does not coincide with the ‘ideal’ one, you punish yourself and fall in the wicked web of self-loathing.

Using sentences in the past tense does not let you go above the negative emotions. Use sentences like “Maybe I should solve my problem by using (your method) next time.” It will not only give you an optimistic approach to look at a problem but also prepare you for your next challenge. “I got this.”

Finding a proper balance with your feelings is essential for maintaining a complacent, peaceful and positive mind. Do not let negative thoughts overwhelm you. Believe in yourself and focus on your strengths. 

You cannot expect everything to be positive overnight. Give yourself some time and practise positivity every day. Train your mind to rule out negativity. With time, you will be less self-deprecating and more accepting. You will develop an optimistic outlook of the world, and you will be able to handle stressful situations better. It will improve your mental as well as physical health.

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